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Thread: (*Ki and friends Meegan & Truman - 5 pics*)

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    (*Ki and friends Meegan & Truman - 5 pics*)

    Although I'm really feeling under the weather with some sort of stomach flu, I went with my friend Laurie and her youngest, with Ki to the park today. Afterwards they came back to my house.

    These kids love Kiara so much and vice versa.... I think it's very noticable in these pictures.

    We went out to dinner with them and went to a restaurant where you can bring dogs on the patio. There were these obnoxious little kids sitting in the table next to us saying that "That dog is really mean" (When Kiara was trembling under the table because they were being so loud.) Truman spoke up and said "No she's not mean... see.." and pat her on the head. Gosh I love these kids. He was getting very upset because they kept calling her mean.

    As I said, not feeling too good so I don't feel like resizing these. Didn't even bother trying to take really good pictures, just snapshots tonight. Bleh.. I hope I feel better tomorrow. So, excuse the poor quality. Cuteness exceeds the poor quality, though, IMO!

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    Awww, I really love the second and fourth one

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

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    Aww, they're so cute! How could anybody call Ki mean? Look at that face! I hope you feel better soon, Kay!
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    I love the second and fourth ones, Kiara looks so comfortable there with them! Good for Truman for speaking up for her!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

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    Awww, very cute! I'm glad they came to Kiara's aid...they look like they just adore her!

    I hope you get well soon.

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    Wow...your "snapshots" would be my prized treasures I love the one with Kiara's eyes closed, that is just so cute. Thanks for sharing.
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    I hope you feel better, Kay. But, man, even sick, you take the best pictures! It is so obvious that the kids LOVE Ki and visa versa! I also think the photo of Ki smiling with her eyes closed surrounded by her buddies, is awesome! The kids are fantastic!

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    Ki and the kids are adorable Kay. Mean?? How in heaven's name could anyone think she's mean? Maybe the kids were just showing off in front of each other and were probably just jealous that they weren't petting her Hope you're over the stomach thing-feel better

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    That second pic is just way too cute for words! Hope you're feeling better & soon!
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    Cute Pix!! Hope you feel better soon!
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    They have really bonded to her haven't they. She looks like she loves all the attention and constant playing.
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    How cute! I also like the second and fourth ones. CUTE!

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    Oh Ki, what a happy girl!

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    They are too adorable together!! Awww what a sweetie Ki is... and the kids! Hope you feel better.


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