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Thread: New Tattoo.. Check it out

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    New Tattoo.. Check it out

    Its not colored because frankly, it hurt really bad plus it was getting late.. I couldn't stop myself from moving so the name (Sierra. our daughters name) is a little wrong..but overall I think my husband did a good job. (He does tat's part time).

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    Are you going to have it colored in later?

    There's so little padding on one's feet that I'm not surprised it hurt!

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    Yes it will be.

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    It's still nice! It looks great, your husband did a very good job.

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    It looks nice!

    I have one on my toe - I can relate to the "wiggles" - it was sooo hard to sit still for that. It wasn't until after the artist finished that she told me that was one of the most painful places to get one!

    You'll have to update us (with pics of course ) once you get the color.

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    Eek! Brace yourself for having to get it touched up very frequently! Feet are the worse parts to get tattooed.. we shed so much skin on our feet.

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    I really like it, Your Daughter has a nice name too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muddy4paws
    I really like it, Your Daughter has a nice name too!

    Thanks.Her middle name is Belle but there wasn't enough room for it.

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    That is a pretty sick tattoo! I am hopefully getting one soon! I want a baby dragon on my shoulder! lol!

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    That tatoo is SICK!!!!

    In a good way of course lol its realy perdy I like it.

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