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Thread: How long before anesthesia wears off?

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    How long before anesthesia wears off?

    i took my 4yr old adopted dachshund in today for teeth cleaning, I always tell
    staff to muzzle him. Vet tech actually roped him with temp leash & drug him into back area. Hit me hard after i left. Not going back after experience today! Meanwhile I brought it to attent. to vet, for what it's worth. Just got him home about 1 hr ago. No instructions were given on when dog can eat again, or drink water, or how long anesthesia will last. He's very out of it.
    Cld vet's office & they said no food or water til tomorrow, He hasn't eaten since yesterday morng & hasn't had water since yesterday late afternoon. Do not want to call them back. Any help on anesthesia, lenght of time to wear off. Can he become dehydrated from no water since yesterday morng & can't have anymore til tomorrow?

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    Wow, I'd never be going back there! I'd also be putting my concerns in writing--to the vet, the BBB and whatever agency certifies vets in your area.

    How long it takes for the drugs to wear off can vary a lot. One of my dogs takes several hours longer than it should, one of them wakes up fully alert and ready to play! I'd be concerned if you aren't seeing any progress in the next four to six hours.

    I always let my dogs drink a little bit the night after surgery. I don't leave the full bowl down for them, but offer little drinks occasionally. If they seem alert and are acting normally, I'll feed them a small meal late in the evening.
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    I agree, I would contact whoever certifies the vets in your area. As for how long you wait until you feed and water your dog, I would feed a little bit of food tonight. Give him a little water, too, but not too much.


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    anesthesia makes a dog very thirsty. Just a little down as was previously said. For the anesthesia to wear off it normally takes about an hour for her to fully be back to her regular self (my dog). They will still be groggy somewhat for a day. but she should be fine. definetly report this vet. I would not be going back there.

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    My cats have their teeth cleaned regularly and there has never been a problem with the anesthesia. My youngest Lab, Sam, had eye surgery last fall and he was just pitiful when I got him home. We had to fashion a bucket to put over his head to protect the eyes and he sat out on the carport weaving back and forth for several hours. I just sat down and cried because he was so pitiful. He was back to normal the next day and has done great ever since. I wish now I had left him overnight rather than see him like that. The vet did what he had to do and the surgery was very delicate and he had to be totally knocked out. When we took him back to get his stitches out they had to sedate him and I had to leave while they did it because I got so upset. I can't stand the thoughts of any of my fur children suffering!!
    Back to your problem. The vet needs to be made aware of your feelings and that you will not tolerate your pet being mistreated. I'd write a letter and send a copy to BBB and find another vet based upon recommendations from pet owners. The vet I go to is more expensive than the others in the area but they are kind hearted towards my fur children and I'm ready to pay for the peace of mind. My favorite vet at the clinic is a lady that actually gets down in the floor and plays with my dogs before she examines them. They love her and give her doggie kisses and she can do anything with them that she wants. A real bedside manner!!
    Good luck with your endeavor,
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    Casey usually reacts pretty bad to the anesthesia from her Dental, she is usually out of it for most of the night. I have never restricted her eating or drinking after.
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    wow!! that vet is sure not proffesional!!

    anathetic takes about 48hrs to get out of the system fully..
    for food.. something bland like bolied chicken or rice, it has to be bland!
    offer plenty of water - you dont want to dehydrate him, and keep him warm and quiet til the anathetic wears off.
    I cant believe they didnt give you any advice.. thats just not on!! - Im a veterinary nurse, and that vet needs a kick up the *** .lol

    all the best

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