My friend, Terri(She's the one who gave me my wolves), has een having a very hard time. For the past few years she has been very sick. My dad, a doctor on the organ transplant team, found out that she needed a liver transplant. Well, she goes in for something simple when something goes terrible worng and before she knows it, she is in the hospital for the next 6 months. She gets all these terrible diseases that most of the doctors there hadn't even heard of. She now has to pay over a million dollars for medicine, the transplant, ect. Now, once she's back at home and healing great, she got a huge stone in one of her salivary glands. She hasn't been able to eat for a few months. She has been living off of shakes and stuff. The pain seems unbearable. A stone that would be considered large would be the size of a bb, but hers is the size of a peanut! The doctors have not done anything to help her. Now, they finally are about to give her the surgery, and they find out that since they left it alone so long, it has fused to the gland, the gland beside the one its in, and the facial nerves that control the tounge and stuff. To top it all off, during the surgery, she wakes up!(This happened to her a few years ago too. You have a higher chace of it happening if you've woken up in the past. She's in so much pain. She's so miserable. Please, she needs your prayers.