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    Yo! Yo! Yo!

    Hi Everyone!

    I'm from the other side of the globe -- Singapore! My furry kid is a 3 yrs old Silky Terrier. He's the only kid to my hubby and I so he has all our attention but nope, he's not spoilt rotten (at least that's what I want to believe ).

    He loves food, any food lol so he's not at all a picky eater. He eats whatever he's served (& also wants what he's not served ).

    Do take a look at his blog if you have the time and comments are welcomed.
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    Welcome dognamite to Pet Talk! I'm david p and I'm half a world away in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I'm a servant to three cats: Nikki, a 5 y.o. tuxedo kitty, Daisy, a 3 y.o. tortoisehell kitty. and Marigold, a 4 y.o. tortoiseshell kitty. They've trained me well! I hope you post often here, but beware this site can be addictive!

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    WELCOME to pet talk!! I am owned by one shih tzu named snuggles!!!

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    Welcome to PT!
    Your dog is just too cute! I checked out his blog, and I enjoyed it.
    My name is Courtney, and I'm owned by many, including two dogs (Frisk & Ethan).
    I hope you enjoy your stay here!!

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    Thank you for the warm welcome david p, shihtzulover850 and Chilli ! Wow! All of you have at least hundreds of posts while I'm still counting

    Glad that you enjoyed the blog, Chilli. Strictly speaking it is not really the typical blog where one writes about daily lives. What I do is try to put together photos of the same theme.
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    Hi Dognamite.. I'm a recent newbie as well.. I'm the mother of a 3 month old chocolate lab.
    Your puppy is just so adorable.
    Dakota(BirthDate March 4th 2006)

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    Hi Jo-Anne,

    Welcome to you too!
    My dog is not a puppy anymore lol, he's already 3 years old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dognamite
    Thank you for the warm welcome david p, shihtzulover850 and Chilli ! Wow! All of you have at least hundreds of posts while I'm still counting
    Oh don't worry you will soon be there you just have to stick around!! I am still amazed at how fast I racked up posts!!!

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    Welcome to PT! I'm Alyssa and I'm owned by Sassy a maltese and a bird named Star. Also, two fish named Rio and Diamond. I hope you stick around. Your dog is adorable!
    Mikey - [Pug/Beagle Mix] Chippewa - [DT Male Betta] Shawnee - [CT Betta] Cayuse - [Female Betta] Comanche - [DSC DT male]
    "I always felt that when someone introduces you to the outdoors, you come to feel like you owe them something. ‘Cause what they really gave you is a lifetime of memories, and a lifestyle you’ll always love. Of course I suppose the best way to pay them back is to be that person for someone else. "

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    you will love it here!!

    I am Lut, from Belgium, and I am owned by 4 cute cats

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    Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!

    My husband and I have the following babies: One nearly year old tuxedo male named Soni, one ten month old Siamese/Ragdoll female named Isis, a light grey female gerbil named Bijou, a dark grey female gerbil named Rota, a red and blue veil tailed Betta male named Feesh, a plecostomus named Squeesh, and there will be, soon, a dog and another cat!

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    Hi Alyssa, Lut, and Wenisrubber

    Yeah I'll definitely stick around and rack up my posts
    Most of you own such a large number of pets wow! I have my hands full with only 1 dog LOL!
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