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Thread: I have to share this! True story!

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    I have to share this! True story!

    Ok, so when I went to Arizona for my brother's graduation, he was telling me about this one time, he and his friend were in a car. His friend went through an intersection when he wasn't supposed to. My brother said "Would Jesus do that?" very smartalic-ish. So his friend yells "Screw Jesus!" and BOOM! That very instant Jesus got his revenge. A four inch bolt blew out the tire. So funny! If that's not enough proof that there is a god, I don't know what is!

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    LOL hahha his friend shur got a lesson never use gods name in VAIN!!!lol

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    ... I don't see how a four inch bolt is any sort of proof of the christian god.
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    well i learned from the da vinci code jesus was just a regular guy! o_O

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    Oh he got his due didn't he lol? What a way to learn about God. I'll bet your brothers friend doesn't say that again!

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    Ya just don't screw with God! That'll teach him.

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    Hahaha, that doesn't do much good if you believe the whole world runs off random happenings, but , ya.

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    Pay Back!! Good for him!!!!!!

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