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    Sonic, what a cutie! It seems that you have found a wonderful home where you are very much loved! Congratulations on being Pet of the Day!
    (Be careful with those raisins...there's lots of animals that shouldn't eat them)

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    Sonic, what little cutie you are! You look very happy eating your raisin. Congratulations on being POTD! I hope this day is special for you!
    Forever in my heart...

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    What a precious Chin you are, Sonic! Awww, bet that raisin tastes yummy! But not too many now! I loved reading all about you, about the sweet and lovable little guy you are! You love everyone and everything, don't you cutie Most of all, your person! I have a feeling Glitter will come around, with time!
    Your human is so blessed to have such a sweet and gentle furkid in her/his life! I hope you both a lifetime of love, cuddles and happy days! Congratulations to you precious Sonic, PET OF THE DAY! Hope you're enjoying a super special, fun filled day of celebration with your person,Glitter and the hammies! And have your Mom/Dad give you some extra hugs for me!

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    I loved hearing about Sonic. I want to get a Chinchilla that has Sonic's temperment. You sound like you are really enjoying your chin, and have a special bond with him. Did you find him in a pet shop? What made you choose him? He looks adorable.

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