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Thread: Hi Im new to this site...

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    Hi Im new to this site...

    Hi, for all of you who know Pam (Andy, Trevor and Bellas) mommy, well i am here real (nonfur) name is Robyn and I have a very unusual ragdoll cat...and hopefully will get a dog in the future. Just thought i'd introduce myself. I've heard so much about this site!


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    Hi and welcome!! I hope you'll like it here

    So tell us about your ragdoll cat! What's so unusual about it?

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    He is not "layed back" to say the least. He's a spit fire, and i'm actually in the process of finding a new home for him...he isn't friendly, and i use that word loosely, to anyone expect my husband and I (both of which he has bitten on more than 1 occasion). So it isnt in our best interest to keep him...unfortunately.


    Forgot to mention, i have an 8 month old who is just about crawling...and i don't want an unfortunate event to take place.
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    Welcome Robyn, do I need to say that you are going to love it here, I think Pam has said that already? Good luck finding a new home for your cat!

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    I think I have heard about your cat before from Pam.
    My siter & bro-in-law have a pschyco-cat. Attacks people, (sometimes including them). One time they almost were sued by an old landlord who was attacked by this cat. The only reason they weren't was that she had gone into their apt. without informing them ahead of time.
    This cat has also attacked their friends, family, etc. There are alot of people who won't come to their house unless they lock the cat up first.

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    Hi Robyn - Saw your posting on Cat Rescue - hope it really gets sorted out for you real quick. Must be a big strain on you, what with the baby and all. Good Luck.
    And a Big Welcome to the best Pet Talk site - I bet your Mum's told you that too eh?!


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    Yorkster- your friend/relative's cat sounds exactly like my Gabriel...and to think i named him Gabriel (b/c he was SUPPOSE to be an angel!!) LOL

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    Welcome, Robyn! Hope you enjoy it here, too!
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    Welcome to Pet Talk Robyn. I hope you find a good home for your cat. I know you're going to like it here. I sure do.
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    Hello, I am sure you will enjoy pet talk, but be prepared to become addicted - hope you have lots of spare time on your hands?

    I'm Heather and I have been coming on here most days since November and I love it!

    I have 2 cats Tatty and Max and also 4 rabbits, I spend most of my time on Pet General but also love it on this part of the forum to.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

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    Hi Robyn, welcome to Pet Talk!

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