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Thread: When Tinky met Jupiter.....

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    When Tinky met Jupiter.....

    This is the story of how Tinky met Jupiter....

    I got Tinky for Christmas..... so you can bet by the time March rolled around she KNEW she was the queen of our little castle!!! My sister called me in March and asked me if I could take her cat because her new apartments wouldn't let her keep him. With much begging Eric finally said o.k.
    My sister brought him over and we put him in the cat carrier so Tinky could check him out. She did o.k., she hissed a little, she did better than I thought. For the first day we put Jupiter in the spare room so they could sniff each other under the door. Here is a pic of Tinky getting her first sniff of Jupiter.

    She did really good just sniffing him from under the door so we cracked the door a little so they could see each other. That didn't go as well as the sniffing, but better than average I think. She would hiss and growl a little then roll over and play swat at him. Here is a pic of them meeting face to face for the first time.

    Then when we finally let Jupiter out of the room Queen Tinky of course had to follow every move he made and check the new guy out. These are some pics of her making sure that he didn't make any wrong moves.

    It only took Tinky about three days before she would allow Jupiter free roam of the house without having to feel her wrath. And I am proud of my baby I heard most cats take about two weeks. Now they are buddies and play all the time. I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH.

    Hope you enjoyed their story......... OF COURSE MORE PICS WILL COME SOON!!!

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    Awww Sara they are both just so gorgeous. Tinky looks like a pastel version of Jupiter, both striking beauties! It sounds like they have taken to one another very well and you have years of fun ahead of you!
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    Sara i also enjoyed reading your story and especially enjoyed viewing the pictures of your furbabies. they are precious. You were very lucky that it went well after only three days. They look so cute together.

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    The story and the pictures are wonderful!!! Sure do wish Mimi and Butter could come to an understanding like that!

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    What a wonderful story and GREAT pictures!
    I wish I would have thought to take pictures of Mocha and Bonzo's first meeting. Alas, I was too busy "Pleading" with Mocha to let him stay.
    Thank goodness they are now pretty much best friends.... Well, most of the time.

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    Oh Sara, I'm so glad they are getting along fine, and are buddies! I love that story and those pics, they go together well. I also know how much you love your kitties, it shows everytime you post about them. You are very good mommy!!

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    Great story, and Great pictures. Can hardly wait for the next ones.
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    What a good kitty Tinky is!
    Enjoyed the story and the pics.........keep them coming!

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    Great pics! I'm very happy that it's working out. I always think that two (or more ) is best. I have a photograph taken on the day that Maya (4 months old) met Gigio who was already an elderly gentleman. Needless to say she showed immediately who was the boss!

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    That was a great story Sara and also cute pictures. Before I read the story, I thought that Tinky and Jupiter were brother and sister and that after you had Tinky for a little while that you then decided to adopt her brother Jupiter. They look so cute together.
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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    What a great story, Sara! And it's neat that you got pictures too. :-) I like the one where poor Jupiter is trying to eat, but Tinky is right there making sure he doesn't do anything she doesn't think he should. She really is a good little kitty since she adapted so quickly to him, and vice versa.

    What a cute pair you have, and I love how they look like each other except Jupiter is just a little darker.

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    What great pics!

    And a wonderful story too. Great looking kitties for sure! Thanks for sharing your kitties with us!

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    Oh Sara I loved your story of how they met!!! Bravo! Bravo!!

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