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    What a lovely little girl! I'm a Border Collie owner, and I see BC in several places: first, the shape and bone structure of her snoot is BC. Her back legs are BC (esp. the smaller back feet), and it looks like she has a deep chest and narrow "hips", which is typical of BCs. They are bred to run all day long, and that deep chest is what makes them so good at frisbee.

    Finally, the larger, "half-floppy" ears are a BC trait. She'll be sailing through the air before too long, like a little gazelle. They really are amazing athletes. No sailing till she's full grown, though! BCs must reach at least a year old to protect them from damaging their growing muscles and bones.

    Sadie is beautiful!

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    I'm so glad you have a wonderful home. You are a such a sweetheart. I send you many tummy rubs. Happy DOTD to you.
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    Hi Sadie...What a beautiful baby you are. I bet you are sweet. I would love to hold you and rub your tummy. Congratulations on DOTD. Hope you and your family will have a wonderful life together.
    a Dog Lover

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    What an adooorable girl you are Sadie!! I want to rub your cute little belly. You have the sweetest face and lovely white color. Congrats to GORGEOUS SADIE!!!

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    Ahhh, how adorable are you, sweet girl? You've got the sweetest little face. Wish I was there to rub your belly. Congratulations on being our DOTD. Hope you're getting lots of hugs and treats on your special day.

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    Re: Sadie

    Sounds like a wonderful, sweet dog but 'very submissive'??
    Sleeps in your bed, wants her belly rubbed........sounds like you've allowed her to take over. She is dominating you. We'll be seeing you and Sadie on the 'Dog Whisperer' in the near future......ha, ha, ha!
    Good luck,

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    Hello Sadie,

    Whatever breed you are, you are a cutie-patootie for sure. I'm
    so happy that you have great people that makes you a special part
    of the family.You would make every day fun. Happy congratulations
    on being chosen as our special DOG OF THE DAY.Kisses for your fuzzy
    head sweetheart.
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    Beautiful Sadie

    Well, I know that the first person posted that Sadie really looks like a Border Collie, but Sadie, I have two "pitties" at home, and you sure look like them!
    The reason why I say that is the ears and muzzle sure can be pit bully.
    What ever you are, baby, you are cute!

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    Hi Sadie!!

    We don't care what mix you are little girl. We think you're absolutely adorable and it's a pleasure to meet you. You're a real smart pup Sadie and we can tell that everyone loves you. What a fun filled life you have. Congrats on your big day today sweetheart!! Please have Mom give you lots of extra kisses from us and we wish you continued happiness!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    Hi, Sadie. You are so cute! I hope you are getting lots of belly rubs and extra attention today. Enjoy yourself on your special day. Congrats on DOTD!

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    Congrats, Sadie, on you your big day!
    Your person was really great to adopt you.
    Aww it's great to be a good cuddler and social animal such as yourself.
    Lots of treats and goodies, that way!
    *tickles you*
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    Awww, Sadie! What a precious pup you are! Reading all about your sweet self and the wonderful life you're leading with your forever family has been the perfect way to end the day! You are too adorable! I'd love to know what you found so intriguing on the other side of that gate What a treasure you are to your proud people, Sadie! Kudos to them for giving such a deserving doggie a second chance at a happy life! Congrats to beautiful, gentle, lovable Sadie, our extra special Sunday DOG OF THE DAY! Hope you and the family enjoyed a very happy, love filled day! BIG hugs and bunches of kisses to you, sweet Sadie!

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