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Thread: Hi. I'm a Collie Owner

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    Hi. I'm a Collie Owner

    Hello. My name is Robin. I have a 2yr old blue merle collie named Kota Blue Storm. She's spoiled rotten. I followed a link someone posted on another forum. This site looks pretty active.. Looking forward to chatting with you.

    Robin & Kota

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    British Columbia,Canada
    Welcome to PT! You have a beautiful girl.
    I have 2 dogs. Kodies a 2 year old lab/bloodhound/rotti mix. Lucy is a 1 year old spaniel mix.

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    Welcome to PT. I adore Collies. Yours looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to hearing more about her and seeing more pics of her.

    Those are my two girls in my signature. Katie is the akita and Tori is the husky. My name is also Robin


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    Hello Robin.

    Before collies I owned husky's. I love them too! I have lots of pics to share.. But I think I'll wait till I get to know the board a bit more.

    Oh, what part of Ohio are you from? Im orignally from Washington Court House, Oh.. and hubby is from London, Oh.

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    welcome to PT! and I am the same Cali from pro dog
    Mom to:
    Misty-10 year old BC Happy-12 year old BC Electra-6 year old Toller Rusty- 9 year old JRT X Gem and Gypsy- 10 month ACD X's Toivo-8 year old pearl 'Tiel Marley- 3 year old whiteface Cinnamon pearl 'Tiel Jenny- the rescue bunny Peepers the Dwarf Hotot Miami- T. Marcianus

    "sister" to:

    Perky-13 year old mix Ripley-11 year old mix

    and the Prairie Clan Gerbils

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    Hey! I remember you from Chaz, welcome hehe
    Ravenmasque Summer Riot RNCL aka "Riot"
    Ravenmasque Wind Chime aka "Chime"
    MacBarras Jewel of the Isle aka "Jada"
    MacBarras Time to Remember aka "Crosbie"
    Tymless Classic aka "Ty"

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    Hi SWC,
    Welcome, I remember you from Chaz too.
    Luck Favors The Backbone, Not The Wishbone.

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    WELCOME to the best pet-forum ever: PET TALK!

    My name is Lut, I am from Belgium, and I am owned by 4 sweet cats (siggie), a bunny and lots of fish es in our pond! You will LOVE it here

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    You have very pretty kitties Lut. It's a pleasure to meet you.

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    with my nose in a book
    Welcome I am Nikki you can see my baby zippy in my sig.Love your collie.
    Nikki[human],Zippy[tabby],and Pumpkin[orange tabby]
    Rest in Peace my Sweet Hammie Zoey
    Jan 1,09-March 26,2010

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    Welcome to pet talk! I like collies but don't own any. Instead I am owned by one shih tzu named snuggles.
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    Hi there!

    My name is Julie and I also am owned by a Collie. Her name is Molly, and she's a five year old Sable and White. You can see her in my signature below, along with my Golden Retriever, Daisy.

    Kota is beautiful! I find the Blue Merles to be absolutely stunning.

    Hope you like it here and welcome to Pet Talk!

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    Welcome! Your Collie is just beautiful!

    I have two Shelties at the moment. I came close to getting a Collie girl to show but I ended up deciding on getting a Groenendael instead. One day though!

    Kai [Sheltie], Kaedyn [Sheltie], Keeva [Malinois], Kwik [Malinois]

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    Hi there. Your collies and shelties are wonderful! If I had the courage I would have shown Kota before I got her fixed. I've never been in dog shows nor even saw one in person so I woudn't know what I was doing.

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    Hi there, I'm on Chaz and pro dog too. Good to see more people coming over to PT.
    I've been BOO'd!

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