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Thread: Hi Daisy Duke!!

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    Hi Daisy Duke!!

    Good Morning beautiful girl! We absolutely loooovvvee your gorgeous coat and markings. It sounds like you're pretty much the star of the show at your house and everywhere else. You're everybody's little buddy there Daisy!! Congrats on your big day today sweetie as our DOTD!! We hope you have nothing but fun all day. Mommy must be so happy to see her girl get the highly esteemed DOTD honors. Please tell her to give you extra kisses and belly rubs today. Thanks to your family for saving you and we wish you all continued happiness always!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    Darling Daisy

    Our Cattle Dog wishes you a GRRRRRREAT day!!
    Wow, "Jack Russell" and Aus. Cattle there's a combo.
    You are cute as a button. We're glad to hear that you were adopted from
    a shelter [kudo's to your humans ]

    It sounds like you have a fun and pampered life with all your toys and
    human attention. You have a long life ahead of you and we send you our
    love and best wishes.

    Enjoy your day as the's nice to see a variety of mix breeds.....
    and you are a darling!!

    Jasmine's Mom

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    Oh, Daisy, you are such a pretty girl--I just love those blue eyes! I'm always happy to hear about a pound puppy who finds a loving home and it sounds like you are getting more than enough love from your mommy and grandpapa! Congratulations on being Dog of the Day!

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    What a cutie you are! An interesting mix too. Boy you sure are spoiled. But who cares you deserve it. Especially since you are a pound puppy. They deserve spoiling even more. When your owner comes home today please tell her to give you lots of kisses for me. Bye.

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    Attention! We have one gorgeous pup here! What a lovely lady you are Daisy. You have such pretty eyes and are all-around adorable! Congrats to DARLING DAISY DUKE DOG!!

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    You got that right, Jax! Wow, what a stunning girl you are, Miss Daisy Duke! Oh those baby blues, that plush coat, those ears!!! You're one beautiful blend of two of my fave breeds, Daisy! I can just imagine the "energy" bouncing around your house! BIG props to your wonderful family for giving you a paw up in life! Once again we are reminded of the priceless rewards of going the rescue route! Congratulations sweet baby girl! I hope you and your humans are enjoying a very happy, fun and treat filled Dog of the Day celebration!!! And please have your Mom give you lots of extra hugs, kisses and belly rubs tonight from me, too! WE LOVE DAISY DUKE!

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    Hi Daisy,

    It's a pleasure to meet you pretty girl Daisy. You are quite the combo
    sweetie. Do you ever slow down? I'm so glad that you are no longer a
    lonesome pound pup.Congratulations to you & your people.For such a
    precious pup you should be our Super DOG OF THE DAY.
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    You are one sweet puppy!!! You're right about not being too spoiled. When it comes to dogs, the phrase, 'too spoiled', simply doesn't exist. Happy DOTD to you and your family and friends!!!
    Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused. Anonymous.

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    Hi there, Daisy. You are a pretty girl with beautiful blue eyes. I'm glad you have a family who loves you so much. You must be very special to them. Have fun today! Congrats on DOTD!

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    Hi Daisy! Wanted to come by and wish you a big congratulations
    for being chosen DOTD!!


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