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Thread: SO close!!

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    SO close!!

    I went to my dad's this weekend. It's so neat because you can feel the little kittens move around in Oreo's tummy. And you can see them move, too! My dad called me and said she was acting different and the kittens will be born soon! Sadly I can't get pictures until I get back from Utah. Just a little update.


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    That is SO exciting!! Your Dad is right. When Oreo starts acting strange, or "nesting" as they call it, that is a definite sign that the birth is coming soon. I hope everything goes well for Oreo.

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    I also hope everything will be all right.

    Recently at the shelter where I help I have seen one day-old babies (now they are 3-4 weeks), they are so cute! I have no words to describe them, but I loved it! In addition the mommy was rescued from a very bad life, which makes even more emotional to see these little healthy butts

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