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    Hunter.....I think you are the best to. You are so handsome. I am so happy that you had a wonderful family to adopt you and to take such good care of you when you were sick. I think that yo are so pretty. Congratulations on DOTD. You derserve it.
    A Dog Lover.

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    Hi Hunter!!

    What a gorgeous boy you are Mr. Hunter!! No one would ever know you were once in bad health. You've really come a long way and we're sure happy that your loving family has taken such good care of you. We can't get over how cute you look in your photo. We're in love with that sweet face and shiny, sleek, coat. Oh how we would love to see you smile. How cute can that be? Delilah is a big smiler too Congrats on your big day sweetie!! Please have Mom give you and your best buddy kitty some kisses from us. We hope you have a great day, celebrating with all your family and friends. Happiness always!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    Congrats on being DOTD!!!
    Lacy(Australian Shepherd)Doc(Border Collie and Tessa (Border Collie[B]

    Rest Well My RB angels,Bandit,Anna and Maggy

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    Hunter, what a face! You are just too cute! You look alot like my Gemini and she also loves to chew up plastic must be a lab trait! I'm so glad that your family was able to nurse you back to health and that you are now living the good life. Congratulations on being Dog of the Day!

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    Wow you are amazing!! I am so glad to see that you are in good health!! You have a very nice shiny coat. You are beautiful. My doggie loves to chew plastic bottles too!!! I think it is very nice that you are friends with a kitty. Have a wonderful day and I hope you have lots of reasons to smile!!!!!

    Shihtzulover850 and the Shih Tzu that I love, Snuggles

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    Happy Hunter!!

    You are one gorgeous black dog I am glad that the right people came along and adopted you from the shelter. So sorry to hear about all your early health difficulties You have awesome humans for taking such good care of you and getting the medical treatments you needed.

    You have lots of fun activites like "hide and seek" and car rides too sounds like a grrrrrrrreat canine life to me.

    May you have a day filled with love, celebration and treats!!

    Jasmine's Mom

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    Hunter, you are absolutely the most handsome, shiny black boy in the world!!! And that sweet face of yours just melts my heart. Those gorgeous brown eyes looking so soulfully into the camera is simply irresistable. No wonder you have a family who adores you so much.

    Sweet Hunter, you have a new fan in me. I hope you have a fantastic day sweet boy.

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    Hello Hunter,

    It's a real pleasure to meet you today.I'm so glad you got over your
    early medical problems. With love & caring by your folks you have turned
    into the handsome fella we see today.I love to see you swimming in your
    Granma & Granpa's pool sweetie. I hope you have a good day of treats
    and special hugs to celebrate your honor as our DOG OF THE DAY. Big
    hug & kiss from me and my furgang.
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    You're such a handsome guy. Happy DOTD to you and your family.
    Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused. Anonymous.

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    Oh Hunter!!! You da man!!! What a handsome hunk of a pup you are! Wish I were there to give you a huge hug and kiss! I was so your humna's loving words and heartfelt tribute to her best buddy! Thank goodness you are fully recovered from your health issues! Phew, what a scare! But oh what miracles are born from love Bet your Gramma and Grampa and your furry pals are so proud to see you honored here today! I hope your day in the spotlight was a fun one! It sure was fun getting to know you; your sweet self put a huge smile on THIS face! I hope for you and your family a lifetime of unconditional love and devoted companionship! And kudos to your peeps for going the rescue route! How well their compassion has been rewarded! Congratulations to handsome, adorable Hunter, our most deserving, EXTRA special DOG OF THE DAY!!!

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    Hunter, the Hunk! Happy DOTD awesome baby boy!

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    Hunter, you sound like a wonderful boy. So glad your family took you home and gave you all that special love and care during that very scarey time. I'll bet you have repaid them with all the love you have, right boy!? It's an honor to meet you today and I hope you had a very special day. Congrats Hunter!!!

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