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Thread: What a great website!

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    What a great website!

    Hi everyone,

    My girlfriend and I came across this website a few weeks ago...and I'm happy to say that I finally got around to registering today.

    I'm so pleased that a site like this exists...we loved the cat of the day/dog of the day postings, but only discovered how deep the waters ran with this website the last few days. It seems like there is just a vast wealth of information being shared here, and I look forward to visiting this place on a daily basis for a long, long time.

    Of course, I'll be sending in pics of our cats in the near future. We have five cats, and a dog which is in PA with my former roommate at this point.

    So from all of us to you...a very warm hello!

    Scooby (thinks he works for the water department)
    Snowpea (sleepiest cat I've ever dust catcher)
    Galileo (our first and dearest...two different colored eyes)
    Polaris (the only outdoor cat...and Frank's mom)
    Frank (if you have gum in your mouth...he'll jump on your shoulder and try to steal it!)
    Teabag (our dog who thinks he's a horse)

    and us!!

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    Deep-N-Heart of Tx && My Babie's Hearts

    What a great website!

    Welcome to Pet Talk & enjoy all the pictures & talks..

    I just love your babies's names & their description..

    ~~~Thank You Very Much {Kim} kimlovescats for the Grand Siggy~~~

    [[ Furr Babies are Like Potato Chips **** No One Can Have Just One ]]
    ****** Kindness, Mercy & Justice to All Living Creatures ******
    {{{{{Everyday is a Gift = That's why it's Called the Present }}}}}
    ((( Each Day With Our Pets is a Surprise Package Waiting to be Opened )))
    <Sunsets are God's Reminder to Us That At The End of the Day We're All In This Together>

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    Welcome here!!! this site is great and full of wonderful people and knowledge!! i just love your critters anmes!! too cute!! we will be patiantly waiting for pictures!!!

    I didn't slap you, I just high fived your Face!
    I've Been Boo'd!!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk! Sounds like you'll fit right in here!
    My name is Karen, I'm one of the moderators, my current pet is Miss Hoppy, the little brown bunny you see as my avatar!

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    What a lovely introduction. I love the names of your pets and their descriptions too.

    Welcome - and be very careful - this place is a HUGE addiction. And there is no cure. (happily)

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    Welcome to PT i am sure you will enjoy everything it's a great place to be!
    Lacy(Australian Shepherd)Doc(Border Collie and Tessa (Border Collie[B]

    Rest Well My RB angels,Bandit,Anna and Maggy

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    WELCOME TO PET TALK!! You are gonna love it here! My name is Donna and I am owned by 4 cats, one of whom is named MooShoo and is bald (Sphynx). My cats are Mollie Rose (Tortie born in a barn at the Bill Wilson House, age 12); Maya Linn (Siamese mix rescued from San Juan Airport in Puerto Rico, age 6) MooShoo (Sphynx rescued from bad breeder, age 6) Shortie (Munchkin calico rescued from bad breeder, age 6).

    Rest In Peace Casey (Bubba Dude) Your paw print will remain on my heart forever. 12/02
    Mollie Rose, you were there for me through good times and in bad, from the beginning.Your passing will leave a hole in my heart.We will be together "One Fine Day". 1994-2009
    MooShoo,you left me too soon.I wasn't ready.Know that you were my soulmate and have left me broken hearted.I loved you like no other. 1999 - 2010See you again "ONE FINE DAY"
    Maya Linn, my heart is broken. The day your beautiful blue eyes went blind was the worst day of my life.I only wish I could've done something.I'll miss your "premium" purr and our little "conversations". 1997-2013 See you again "ONE FINE DAY"


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    Greetings DogFace (now that doesn't "even" sound right),

    Glad to have you on board. Yes, there is truly a wealth of info on this site. I am rather new myself, but I love it here. Well, we will see you on the PT!!!

    You go GIRLS!

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    Oh Yeah... MoosMom reminded me with her post... I should intro myself officially. My name is Dan - Bob's Dad online. I have a Beagle girl "Ginger" and a crazy mix of some sort (PBGV some say) "Bob". We have a lot of fun here. Everyone is very friendly... if you need any special help or want to know anything in particular, don't be afraid to PM (Personal Message) anyone. You can do that a number of ways, but I find it easiest to just view their "Public Profile" and PM from there. Good Luck!
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    Welcome!! I too love you pets' names and their descriptions. I can't wait to 'meet' them (via pictures of corse).
    - Kari
    skin kids- Nathan, Topher, & Lilla

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    Love your descriptions and names of your pets!! Hope you enjoy it here!! Oh and by the way I am owned by one dog a shih tzu named Snuggles!!! I love shih tzus!!

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    Belgium, near Ghent

    I am Lut, owned by 4 wonderful cats, a biting bunny and lots of fish in our pond

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    Welcome to PT! I am owned by Star(my parakeet in my avi) and Sassy(my dog in my sig). I hope you stick around and can't wait ti see pics!

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