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    elly's mom


    Hello everybody! My name is Amanda and I am 13 years old. I live in Monroe, Washington with my step-dad and mom. Makayla (zoomer) invited me here. I am her cousin. We are offering her family 2 acres out of our 15 acres, we lived on 3 acres and the other 12 acres are of trees and bushes. They might buy and might not... not sure though. I like being called Amanda, not elly's mom, so please call me Amanda if you can remember my name

    I have had a hard life. When I was 6 years old my parents got a divorce, forcing me to leave my father and my brother, Mick. And one of the most hurtful things I had to leave were my dad's Boxer, Dozer, his Dachshund, Licorice, and his Beagle, Oscor. It made me cry leaving them behind. I loved them so much. I don't see them much anymore, nor do I see my dad or brother very much. At least I got my mom's 2 dogs when my parent's divorced, one was a black Labrador named Bubba, but 4 years ago he died at 7 years old from old age... we think. The other was a Golden Retriever named Britteny who died at 9 years of age from old age... we aren't sure if it was old age or not, but we think so. When I was 8 years old, my mom re-married to a man named Bob, who brought his son, 13 year old Bobby to live with us. At 15 Bobby moved out of his house to live with his girlfriend . My step-dad couldn't do anything. It was really hard for me because he had just became my brother and I was starting to love him like he was really related to me. Bobby has turned into a horrible kid . He swears and is a gross boy. He smokes and he's only 16 years old . He acts like a ganster, I really dont like him much. He isn't nice to me anymore, he hasn't been since he moved out . I, today, play T-ball and really enjoy it, I started playing T-ball 2 years ago.

    A couple months ago my mother found out she was pregnant. We are expected a little girl in 2 months, my parents are planning on naming her Kirsten. I am really, really excited, I sure hope she stays...

    I own two beautiful kitties and a lovely dog, too! My kitties are named Clover and Sam (we call her Sammy, too).

    Sam was a wild cat, my mom got her and I don't think she told me where she got her. Although when we got her she was a very small cat. Sam doesn't really like people and is extremely shy. Even after 2 years of working with people she wont let people's lovingness sink into her. She sinks down and hisses and growls at people who come near her. She doesn't really like anybody, not even someone who spends hours petting her. Although she seems to hate us whenever she goes outside she comes right back home. We are scared someday she won't come back home but I sure have nothing to worry about, I trust her, and even though she hates me.... I love her.

    Clover was also a wild cat. My step-dad found her as a small kitten slinking across the road when he was driving home from work. He brought he home and nursed to flea-bitten (there were fleas the size of large ticks on her!), starved kitten back to health. She is now about a year old and acts just like Sam. She is shy and mean to humans. Even though she sounds and acts mean, she would never scratch or bite, although she doesn't trust humans. We are not sure why, maybe because she was born wild, maybe not, we aren't sure why.

    For my step-dad's birthday my mom got him a puppy... well... not exactly. She bought all the supplies and made a card about the puppy and when they were getting it and all that. Well, the day they were supposed to go and get the puppy they called and the women was steaming hot with madness. She told him her brother had sold all of the puppies. My step-dad (Bob is what I should be calling him, or maybe even dad...) was so mad and sad it wasn't even worth a single laugh. My err... dad was driving and he saw a truck with a poster on the back of it that said 'LAB PUPS FOR SALE'. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head, he drove up next to the truck and waved his arms and yelled. Finally, the women saw him and saw him pointing to the sign on the back of the truck. She led him to her house and he looked at the pups. They were 16 week old black labs. He picked out a small female black one and brought her home. We named her 'Elly Mae' and call her Elly for short. Now she is about 2 years old and when she goes into heat we are going to breed her with Bob's friend's black lab named King Duke. King Duke is a big buff dog, much larger and fatter and tougher than Elly, I think they'll make a great couple! We might keep a puppy from their litter but we aren't entirely sure. Now, now, now, I have seen some of your guys's comments on breeidng dogs and have got some myself from people on other boards, they were like: Don't add to the shelter dog population, and, There are enough dogs needing to be adopted. But we are responsible people and will not let any of our puppies go to the shelter, ever! Elly LOVES toys. LOVES them... no... literally... LOVES them! She could chew and lick and chase and catch them allll day long! I usually play with her and her toys all day long. She could play 24/7 if she could. But I couldn't bear playing with her 24/7. Some of her favorite toys are her frisbee (a bucket lid ) and her big blue kong.

    I got some pictures of Elly and Sam and plan on posting them tommorow or near then. I will take some of Clover as soon as I find her!

    Okay, so, thats all about me! Hope you enjoyed reading about us!

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    Welcome to pet talk!!! Sorry about your dogs and your brother!! I hope you like it here!!

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    Wow, that's a long intro! Welcome to PT! My name is Zara, I'm 14 and live in Lancashire, England. I'm owned by Zsa-Zsa, a british blue cat, and Tia Maria, a black-hooded rat, who you can see in my siggy. I would love to see some pics of your pets!

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    Hello! What is your name? No need to be sorry for me I at least see them sometimes and I bet Bobby will get better! Thanks for the welcome! Hello Zara! I know, I took forever to write it Thank you for the wonderful welcome! I would love to see more than just a signature of your kitty!

    By the way, I posted pictures of my furbebes! Go to Cat General and Dog General to see them

    Thanks Mak (zoomer)

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    Hello Amanda and welcome to Pet Talk. I am sure you will enjoy it here! I invited you here for a reason! To join all the dog lovers here!!!!!!

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