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Thread: Hi new here with a Border Collie

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    Thanks Angel3 for Ned's Picture

    Boy that dog does look like "Cody". Cody hasn't the white on his face but this dog could pass for Cody's brother. Facial expression is simular. This is my 1st Border Collie after having Labs almost my whole life. My wife was after my boss and I to look into the Borders fore our type of work (Scent discrimination) and I never listened to her. In 1999 sh saw an add for BC Puppies and went to look at them and brought Cody home. It didn't take long and this dog won me over. By the time he was 6 months old he was a trained Cadaver dog and at 1 year an excellant tracker. He also does evidence Collection (Checking crine scenes for anything with human scent on it) and is also working fire scenes as an Accelerant detection dog ( looking for possible accelerants used to deliberty set fires.)
    He is an exceptional dog ( in my Book) and I owe it all to my wife for taking it on her own to bring him home. I am thinking of nominating him to "Dog of the Day" . He has earned it.

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    Bruce, I think that would be an great idea to nominate Cody as Dog of the Day. Cody's got a winning combination of good looks & high achievment.

    You're right...Cody & Ned could be brothers from the same litter. They're much the same age, too.

    Border Collies are wonderful, aren't they! They're always put top of the list of smart dogs. Perhaps, one day, you might get a second Border?????

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    I agree with Angels3, you should really post Cody on dog of the day. I am sure he would get on!!!

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