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Thread: Potty training.

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    Potty training.

    Okay, so the puppy should be here in July. My aunt paper trains all the pups but I don't really think I should let the dog wee on the floor, even though there is paper (news?) on the ground. Okay, I feel weird for asking this but is it newspaper or those puppy pads? Anyways, I was wondering if anyone here has used the belly bands. What exactly do they do? How effective are they? All of those versus training it to use the litter box. Also, if it used the litter box does it HAVE to use the puppy litter or can I use feline pine for it?

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    Personally, I don't like the newspaper/puppy pad training method. I feel like it's less confusing, if you just begin right away teaching them outside is the place to potty. Never let them get the idea that inside the house is okay.

    The Belly bands are mainly to prevent marking I believe. I've never used them, but the folks on my Cairn Terrier list swear by them. Very important to get the right fitting. You put the band around their waist, so that if they try to mark anything, they'll end up peeing on themselves. Since they aren't getting the desired effect, they stop trying to mark.


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    I woulden't paper train. I did that with Molli and she wasn't potty trained until she was 10 months old. I'm not sure about litter training. What kind of puppy are you getting? I would recommend teaching the puppy to go outside if possible.


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