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Thread: Two Peregrine Falcon Families In Downtown Indy

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    Two Peregrine Falcon Families In Downtown Indy

    The two pairs of Falcons have been nesting
    in especially constructed nesting boxes high
    atop buildings in the downtown area.The Falcon
    Cam has been following the progress Of Scout &
    Kinney one of the pairs. Three of the four eggs
    have just hatched this weekend. WOW!!!

    Look quick: You can see the little white chicks.

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    Thank you for sharing...........isn't it wonderful we can all enjoy the wonders of nature. These types of stories should be on the front page of every newspaper, instead of what we see now!

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    Additional Live Falcon Cameras...

    Here are links to some additional Live Falcon Cameras...

    Cleveland, Ohio, Terminal Tower Site
    These 4 chicks will be removed by ODNR Wildlife for banding in the offices of Walter & Haverfield on Tuesday May 7th at 9:30 a.m. The removal event can be seen live on the FalconCam; photos of the banding activity will be posted on the site soon afterward. This Cleveland site had a tragedy this year ~ The past 9 years resident female, Zenith, was driven off the nest box and killed by a rival female who had moved in before Zenith returned from her winter migration. This site has a very active BBS linked from the camera page.

    Kodak's Rochester, NY site
    Features 4 cameras monitoring the nesting pair. This pair is currently sitting on their eggs.

    Harrisburgh, PA site
    This pair is sitting on eggs that were due to hatch today. Nobody out of the eggs, yet. Just below the still pix is a WebTV link that provides live streaming video.

    Columbus, Ohio site
    An Ohio ODNR/Wildlife site. The pair have not yet produced any eggs; but the ODNR says it isn't too late to hope for some this year.

    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    Cinder and Smokie,

    Thanks for posting the links to cams in other
    states. The pictures are really amazing!!!

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    Baby Falcons are arriving in Harrisburg...

    News from Harrisburg ~

    5/1/2002: Two Hatchlings and the Third beginning to hatch Out!
    There are now two hatchlings in the scrape and a third that is pipping out of the shell. Watch for feeding sessions now as the male and female begin the long hunt and feed segment of the nesting season.

    4/30/2002: First Egg Hatching!!
    At 2:15 p.m. today, April 30th, a dime sized hole was observed on one of the eggs. Within several hours the nestling should emerge. The adults will begin feeding it almost immediately. Watch for the next egg to hatch within a day or two.

    Check out the action at:

    Harrisburg, PA, Falcon Site
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    It's Splitsville for Downtown Falcons

    The resident female falcon, Scout has been driven
    away from the nest(maybe killed) by a newer younger
    female who is now feeding the chicks. Check it out at
    at the Indystar Falcon Cam.

    It seems this is not normal behaviour for falcons, but
    the fact that they have such a limited nesting area, it's
    a matter of 'survival of the fittest'.

    Cinder and Smokey (phred) , Has any of the eggs yet
    hatched at Harrisburg that you know of? Didn't see any
    in the nest. Thanks. Liz.

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