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Thread: Fresh snow...

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    Fresh snow...

    We woke up to tons of fresh snow today.(see General for pictures)

    Earle was still determined not to get his paws wet! (He's tied up because the driveway gates were open for a bit while the snowplow guy cleared our driveway. Everyone is loose again now)

    Daisy wasn't terribly impressed either. Her path over here was snowed under!

    Delta seemed a little confused! He must have thought spring was here!

    Paxil was thrilled! "Let's get the sled back out! C'mon, lets go, let's go!"
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    Aww! Looks like Delta is doing pretty good, eh? What cuties! I LOVE Daisy.

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    AWWWW!!! Poor Earle! You look so determined that your paws WILL NOT get wet! Then Daisy, sweetie, you'll find your path again! Delta, I would be VERY confused too!
    Paxil, you silly pup! It is supposed to be spring, not winter. Sorry to break the news to yah!!

    Glacier, love the pics!!!

    Steph, Jes, and Jemi'

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    Great Pictures!
    I'm glad you got the snow and not us! I'm also glad spring is on its way, I can't wait to be able to take the dogs swimming more often!

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    Great pics! Your dogs are all so adorable!
    Fresh snow brings so many different opinions!

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    "Got snow?"
    I think all your pups (and Daisy) are becoming camera hams!

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    Yay! snow! It looks so pretty! While I'm ready for summer, we didn't have nearly enough snow here last winter. The dogs don't seem to mind it.
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    Accck!! hope that doenst happen here. thats usually our luck..
    it finally looks like spring out there and then it turns around and does that... LOL

    looks like the dogs dont mind it a bit though

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