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Thread: Help please....

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    Help please....

    Well first i'd like to say sorry, this thread really should be in the dog sections but i thought more people might see it here so.... Well my dog just recently passed away..(libby) But we are currently looking for another dog that is just right for us...well we have looke dthrough as many dogs as possible and have come down to a few favorites one of them being a border seems like a really good dog and everything but we are not sure if we can meet all of its needs like exercise and things like that....see when we are home we will be able to play with it alot but i go to school for 7 hours a day and my mom goes to work so it would be by itself for at least 7 hours a day.... is that bad? We were'nt sure if that would be ok or not....does anyone have any advice or any other dogs that might be good for my family (we dont want anything that would be bigger than a border collie)?
    Once again sorry but i really need advice....

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    Sorry to hear about your dog passing.

    If you have your heart set on a collie, how about an older one from a shelter? that way you wouldnt need as much exercise as a pup would which might be more manangable.

    Is there any other breeds you like the look of?

    I find this site useful for infomation about different breeds.

    Would you consider adopting or would you definatly want a pup? is a good website for shelter dogs if you are cosidering that option

    Let us know what happens!


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