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Thread: Is it just special dogs or...

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    Is it just special dogs or...

    Amy, my friend, had a yellow labrador named Shasta that did not take a step out of their yard. They don't have an electric fence or anything like that. She says her dad trains them how to stay in their yard. I was wondering if there are just special dogs out there or you can actually train them to stay in your yard

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    We've never officially trained our dogs to stay in our yard. We don't have an invisible fence, or a fence of any kind except between the neighbours on our right side have on line of fencing.

    We just spend so much time back there, and when we ARE back there, they we call them back if they start working their way into the neighbours yards.

    But I don't suggest you try it with Buddy. He doesn't sound like the kind of dog that would you would be able to do that without an invisible fence.

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    Some of our dogs were trained that way, and some were not. With Freckles, our first St. Bernard, her definition of "our yard" included half of the field next door, but everyone was okay with that. Gracie, the Great Dane, knew where she was supposed to stay, but just adored running as fast as she could - if she slipped past before you could snag her collar, she was off and running - the rest of her was so slick that even if you grabbed her, she's literally slide right through your grasp!

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    Some laws require you to keep a dog in a fenced yard while not supervised at home or not in the house if I recall. Especially, the "bully" breeds. Some breeders also want you to have a fenced yard before you bring the dog home. Sometimes, it maybe in their contracts that you sign.

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    We never did any formal yard training but both of ours were yard trained. We just went outside with them when they were pups and when they wandered close to the edge we'd yell "your yard Pepper" or "your yard Autumn". It didn't take long for them to realize their terretory. The also only go to the bathroom in one spot. Autumn know the exact line between our yard and the neighbor's and she looks to me first before going in either yard. She is trained not to go in the road after a ball or a person, but if there is a dog walking down the other side of the street I have to give her a stern warning. I think its just a matter of the owner being in control and of the dog knowing their own territory.

    Edit- If you try an invisible fence with buddy, make sure you are out there for a long time and pay attention to him. My neighbor's exhuberant lab could not be contained by an invisible fence. The second he saw another dog or squirrel he'd jump the fence, get shocked for a minute, then be on his way. After he left he didn't want to jump back into the yard so he'd stay loose. They had this fence turned up all the way and he'd flip over and yelp from the shock, but he'd still get loose on a daily basis.
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    I think it really depends on the dog and sometimes the breed. Alot of hounds will not stay in the yard without a fence.

    Molli will immediatly run away when she isn't in the fenced-in backyard. But Sam wil usually stay by me.


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    I have trained Nanook that way, with Raustyk & Kaige it just kind of came natural as neither one of them are roamers or the like. I know many others who have trained their dog to stay in the yard as well.

    It is pretty simple, it's just like training a dog to be in an invisable fence except with no shock collar or the like. All the inv. fences are are just training tools anyways, they are obviously not real fences. lol
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