Now I know Jamie is house trained, has been for.. well I can't say a year because she IS a year but a good portion of six months now without having one accident.

Here lately however she has been having up to four accidents in the house a day. Some will be within thirty minutes of being taken outside and she potties then too.

I'll try my best to give you a scenario of the situation....

Our roommate has a chihuahua who is unneutered and likes marking E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in the house. We have used nature's miracle though and steam cleaned the carpets and furniture and everything was going good. Now Jamie is not one to mark in retaliation against another dog who is marking (but yes I know females mark) so I really don't believe that's what it is. Especially the week she had the most accidents was when he was not even here (they went out of town).

She does NOT have an accident at night, even if we sleep in late and she hasn't been outside in ten hours, she does not have accidents at night at all (but when we wake up she has to be let out IMMEDIATELY or she will have one).

Two of the accidents was after her dad and our roommate came home, so I'm just assuming that's from excitement (and females have the tendacy to dribble anyway especially when they get excited) but this is not a little dribble, this is a big potty mess like she was not let outside in six hours (when in reality she was let out not even twenty minutes prior to having the accident!).

I don't know if she is sick, or is just being bad. She won't have accidents if we leave, but rather when we are home.

Is this a training issue that I need to correct??

This is just so strange that its been happening only lately.