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Thread: Liking to loving water

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    Liking to loving water

    Hello I was wondering how you can 'train' your dog to like or to love water? How do you 'train' them to swim? Wait... is that even possible?

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    I had to teach my pitbull mix to swim. I let her stay by the side of the river barking and throwing a fit when my golden swims out to me. I finally got out and took her firmly by her collar and made her stand paw deep in water which she was always willing to do. I then took her a bit deeper to mid hock or a bit higher and made her stand there until she calmed down. Remember to remain calm and don't get frustrated because the dog can sense it lol. That day we made it just over her hocks before I let her go back up to the sand. Next time we went swimming we started all overagain only going deeper to her elbows then release. I kept doing this until she would wade in to her chest by herself then I put my hand under her belly and pushed her out a bit until she could not touch still holding her up and holding on her collar. She tried to sink like a rock lmao! Didn't even try to swim until I stared moving her in the water. I guided her in a circle several times then let her kinda paddle to the shore. I slowly got her to where she would swim next to me without my holding her. She still does not really LIKE to swim but she will do it if I ask it of her now without problems she also will get her toys from the water too. Dunno if this will help but also when I let her back to the shore I always made sure to throw a stick.

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    I will most definetly try that. Thank you!

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    We take the dogs up to my cabin every summer, and our place is on the lake. Micki used to absolutely HATE the water, he wouldn't even wade. I sat down on the shore one day and started breaking off pieces of treats and throwing them in the water. I started throwing them right at the edge and slowly making it so he had to go in deeper in order to get the food. I never forced him to go in the water, and I did this over several days until he was comfortable going out. He will willingly wade now, but he won't swim and I don't think he will ever actually enjoy swimming.

    When Shadow was a puppy my dad forced her to swim. She absolutely HATES the water now and won't have anything to do with it and I believe it had to do with her first (traumatic) experience. I would try to make swimming a happy, enjoyable experience and your dog might learn to at least tolerate the water!

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    hey Zoomer if you are talking about your boxers I wish you luck. No matter what I do I can't get mine to go anywhere near water. We've been trying since he was a puppy to no luck. If you do eventually have success be sure to keep up updated on how in the world you did.


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    Thanks Yes, I'm talking about Georgia. They're not really water dogs... are they?

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