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Thread: I saw the cutest dog in the universe today

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    I saw the cutest dog in the universe today

    I met my friend's little puppy! A little 3 month old Yorkie mix, she got her from a pet store for $700 I told her she should've rescued but I guess they saw this little dog and couldn't resist Anyway, she was so cute! Her name is Coco and she is not nearly as big as my shoe... I got some pictures (smart little me ). She has got to be one of the cutest... friendliest... most loving... smallest dogs on the universe!
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    Well, I guess if there's that connection, you just can't do anything about it! hehe..

    That is an adorable puppy. It looks like he may have some Schnauzer in him?

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    I hope it is healthy. You need to educate her about puppy mills, so this is her very last "pet store" purchase. Cute, yes. A product of the horrors of puppy mills? Most likely.

    Give her skitches for me, anyway.

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    I agree with Karen. She is cute but oh the horor of puppy mills & byb's, $700 for a mutt, ouch, $50-$100 for one at the shelter, allready UTD on vaccines & spayed/neutered too. Please educate her friend but since it's not the pups fault give her some lovings for me.
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    She is a cutie, but most likely she's a BYB pup, and that could lead to alot of health problems. Please try to educate your friend .
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    Thanks everyone, I told you up where the pictures were that I was educating her.

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    coco is the cutest little thing, my eyes are stining coco is adorible

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    What a cutie!! Hopefully your friend will luck out and this pup will live a long healthy life.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    She is adorable!! I hope you can get more pictures as she gets older! Glad you educated your friend though!
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    You're right, she is a cutie.

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