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Thread: Nook update & natural pain remedies?

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    Nook update & natural pain remedies?

    We went to the vets this morning for some bloodwork & an exam and everything is actually not that bad... considering.
    We were right though, it probably was his liver that he was having problems with late last week, which is still not 100% normal but it's not too far off.

    I left the results at home so I don't know the exact results but I do remember the following:

    PCV- slightly decreased (most likely due to the liver problem and his cancers)

    WBC- just slightly decreased, the vet thinks what ever caused his problems over the weekend caused this

    Platelets- very slight increase, caused by his cancers most likely

    Total Billirubin (sp?)- just slightly elevated

    BUN- was off slightly but I can't remember if it was high or low. He has had this same problem with his BUN in the past though, and it always corrects itself over time. Possibly from a little too much protein (at least that was the cause the other few times in his life that his BUN was off).

    The PCV & BUN were the most off from the normal levels but even so not much at all. The vet says to keep him off the new(er) meds that he was the last few weeks for another couple weeks or so.
    The levels are all so close to the normal range that she said unless he starts to get worse OR if I do want to start him back on those meds that she doesn't even recommend a follow up cbc. She's not 100% sure if it was the meds or something else that caused that but I think I'm going to keep him off those meds just in case.

    The vet has some other meds that I can try but she wants to wait a week or two to let his system settle some more. Not even buffered aspirin for my boy at the moment but he can still have all his supplements. Gah I hope this doesn't affect him too much, I don't want my boy to be in any pain.

    The holistic vet at that practice is on vacation until next week so I wasn't even able to consult with her about any natural pain remedies but the regular vet said that those should be ok to give him. The holistic vet will call me when she returns.

    He has a slight cavity starting in one tooth but the vet said that it's not worth it to put him under for that since nothing can be done about his major problems, tumors, arthritis, etc... and of course his bloodwork would need to be just a little bit more on the normal side before he can even go under anesthesia.
    His large tumor is growing and it has dropped some due to the weight & size of it. (dropped as in kind of the same thing with a pregnant belly)

    All in all the vet says of course old & not doing that great but she is STILL surprised at his age, says he's doing great for his age & breed(s).

    Thanks everyone once again for all the warm wishes.
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    Oops, forgot to ask if anyone knows of anything natural that can be used as a pain remedy, or even a helpful link to a decent site with some more info?
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    Oh I'm so glad that he's doing ok - I've been thinking about him for the last few days and wondered how everything went. ((((hugs))))

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    Great news Sue. So glad to here that Nook is doing okay and his labs are pretty normal. Give him some extra kisses and hugs from PT.
    Amber: Mom to Connor, Carson, Sadie, Maggie and Grant

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