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Thread: Snowy... viscious???

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    Snowy... viscious???

    hey everyone, this thread is a rant.

    I am basicly fuming of what just happened

    I walked Snowy in the garden near our house off lead just like I've always been since Snowy was a puppy. Two dogs, a lot larger than Snowy (they may be labradoodles) came and started chasing Snowy.

    It was not a fair play ofcourse because they are two of them chasing Snowy and they were bigger so Snowy had to defence herself by barking and show them her teeth. I do know how dogs play so I am not blaming the dogs, but I'm sure you will all agree with me that the owners of the dogs should not allow their dogs to chase a small dog like snowy like that.

    The owners then came closer (a woman and 2 girls). The woman then said "Oh no.. not another one. You should put your dog on the lead, you have a viscious dog"

    I am generaly a friendly person but this woman really made me angry so I told her that her dogs are the ones that should be on the lead, they are the ones chasing Snowy and Snowy was just defending themselves. And then she said "My dogs? they are poodles.... look at your dog, she is viscious" her kids started to call me names which made me fuming even more.

    No, I didn't do anything else. I was too mad to think sensibly. I just walked away.

    It was not the fact that the two dogs were chasing Snowy that made me really angry, it is in fact what she said about Snowy being a viscious dog. I know her dogs were just playing. I didn't expect her to apologise (which would have been nice) but to have her say things like that.. urgh

    Snowy is a friendly dog. Yes she prefers to play with dogs her size, but she is not aggressive to dogs bigger than her either. Some of her friends are infact big dogs. Her best friend in the class is black labrador, and she plays with our neighbour's dog, a greyhound. The only time Snowy will behave like she did is when boisterous dogs (like her dogs) doesn't know how to leave her alone. No, she doesn't bite. She is well socialised. The barking and showing teeth are just warnings.

    sorry, a bit long, but I had to rant... never before somebody told me I have a viscious dog.

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    You did the right thing by walking away. She was very stupid and irresponsible. I am sure Snowy was just protecting herself, that lady shouldn't expect Snowy to just do nothing. Her excuse was that they are poodles?!? Poodles are dogs... just like any other dog. She really needs a good slap in the head.


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    I am so sorry that you had to deal with that, William. I also would have been very angry, and probably would not have held my tongue like you did. She was angry and wasn't able to control the situation, so she blamed the other person/dog. She was wrong. We know that Snowy is not a viscious dog. She is a star. That lady will feel mighty silly when she sees Snowy at Cruft's next year.
    Give that pretty girl some hugs for me.

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    Snowy...viscious, NEVER! Snowy was just telling those dogs to leave her alone that she did not want to play. She can't talk of course so she did what she had to tel tell them to leave her alone. Those people are ignorant and you did good by walking away. Snowy is very sweet and one of my favs.
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    i´m so mad i could wack her in the head, she ´s the perfect example of an ignorant person...........need to say no more..........

    love you snowy, you are so brave sweetheart
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    Grrr! That woman was just plain ignorant, lots of small dogs are scared of big dogs. I can certainly understand your frustration. You did the right thing, walking away, shows who the 'bigger' person was.

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    Poor girl, We get the same sometimes, people see a jack russell and expect them to attack even if it is just a warning bark.

    Husky_mom : "i´m so mad i could wack her in the head, she ´s the perfect example of an ignorant person...........need to say no more.........."

    Exactly what I was thinking..

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    They called YOU names? How ignorant is that!? The smacking suggestions were good. If only you could get away with it - smack some sense into people. I'd be smacking left and right.

    Snowy was just defending herself. I'd show my teeth too if I was being chased.

    Snowy rocks!!
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    It is quite obvious she has no control over her dogs or kids. Good for you for just walking away .
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    Anybody who encourages their kids to call someone names obviously has unsocialized children, I can't imagine how unsocialized her dogs must be. Snowy did the right thing by telling those dogs to back off. And you did the right thing by walking away. Some people are so ridiculous!!

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    I feel for you!! my old dog which has been gone for almost 10 years,i used to take him camping everything that poor dog was attacked everytime i walked with him and i always had him off the lead he would stand by my side he never wandered off...some people thing they should be on a lead but when you live in the bush is it that necassary? Anyways Taylor was attacked by a german shepherd and so was i the owner said"you should control your dog" and all i could think was what did i do wrong both me and Taylor had to get stiches from the attack there is alot of irresponsable pet owners out there..leave me a message if ya want to rave some more ...i will listen!!!
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    thanks everyone

    even if Snowy had been on the lead, it wouldn't have been any different because it was the fact that those two dogs that were chasing her so I'm not going to start walking Snowy on the lead in that garden because Snowy has no problems with other dogs big or small and as I said we have been walking there since Snowy was a puppy.

    I think this has happened to her before because she started her sentence by saying "Oh no, not another one" so her dogs must have chased other dogs before (probably many times) and they told her dogs to back off. She should learn that socialising is something that dogs learn from other dogs. She may never learn but I hope her dogs will - they are not bad dogs, just boisterous.

    I don't think I want to come across this woman again so if I ever see her again from a distance I shall walk another way.

    Thanks again everyone for being so supportive!


    thanks k9krazee for the signature!

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    Of course Snowy is not vicious! The woman was irresponsible and rude to let both her dogs and her daughters be out of control like that! I hope you never see her and her entourage again on your walks with Snowy!
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    Sorry to hear about that that William. Some people are just plain ignorant. One would hope she learns more about dog behaviour. You did well walking away. Give Snowy a big hug for me, and seeing as I've not been on a while perhaps some pics.

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    That stupid woman is the one who should be on a lead or at least her dogs should if they chase others.

    You did the right thing - poor little Snowy must have been terrified, bless her
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