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    I am a new member involved in the pet bed industry. I'm not advertising anything, but wondering if Pet Talk is considering sponsors in the future?
    We are avid pet lovers too, we have three dogs, one cat, and six fish.
    We donate several items for charity auctions times a year to animal rescues, humane societies, and the like.
    I found several references to this site from our website so I decided to check it out.
    Looks like a great community here!

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    Jun 2000
    Waltham, MA, USA
    Welcome to Pet Talk! With that crew, it seems like you'll fit right in around here. I'm Karen, one of the moderators here, and our current pet is Miss Hoppy - she's the little brown bunny you see as my avatar!

    If you do want to advertise anything, a couple forums down from Introductions is the Marketplace!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk and hope you stick around. I am Laura and you see my fur kids in my siggy. Hope to get to see your fur kids and others soon! WELCOME TO PET TALK!

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    Thanks everyone, I'll see if I can round up a few pictures of our extended family to post.

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    Yes, post pictures, please. Welcome

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    Ohio, USA

    To Pet Talk!

    I'm Anna and the three in my signature below belong to me.

    Yep your right, this is a great community with wonderful people.
    Looking forward to meeting you and all of your pets!

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    Mar 2005
    New Jersey
    Welcome to Pet Talk. Can't wait to see pictures of your pets. And good for you for donating items to charitable auctions, I am sure they appreciate all of your contributions. Hope you like it here.

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    Hi! I have 3 dogs, two white Boxers, Alaska, and Georgia are their names, and Buddy, a Pit Bull/Australian Cattle Dog mix. By the way, my name is Makayla And welcome to PT! What are your pets names? Do you have any pictures you can share?

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    to Pet Talk!!!!!

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    Thanks so much for the warm welcome

    Been busy getting ready for a show next weekend, I'll try to get some pics later this week.
    Thanks for the hospitality y'all!

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    Nov 2005
    Lacy(Australian Shepherd)Doc(Border Collie and Tessa (Border Collie[B]

    Rest Well My RB angels,Bandit,Anna and Maggy

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