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Thread: Gorgeous green Nemrod!

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    Gorgeous green Nemrod!

    Hello you handsome boy! Congrats on being our very special St. Patrick's Day POTD! I'm so glad you were rescued from within the same family by someone who took the time to learn about your species. Lots of time and money invested in a great cause....YOU! May you be blessed with good health and wonderful happy days with your owner. You look so content in your fabulous picture. It's been an honor to meet you. Hope you get a few of your favorite treats today!
    Love and purrs...Nonie & Star (meow)

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    What a cutie you are, Nemrod. Congratulations on being Pet of The Day!

    I have an iguana named Izzy. He's 5 years old and from head to the tip of his tail he is about 41/2 feet long.

    If your mommy (or daddy) gets to read this I strongly encourage them to purchase the book Green Iguana: The Ultimate Owner's Manual, it is without a doubt the best iguana book out there.
    - Kari
    skin kids- Nathan, Topher, & Lilla

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    Nemrod your 1 lucky dude

    I'm so glad you have begun a new & healthy life w/your adopted friend. So many times those pets are discarded for the reasons PEOPLE don't take the care & understanding of what kind of labor intensive these so called "carnival pets" can be! I'm 45 & in my day it was either goldfish(in a bowl a thirsty person wouldn't be satisfied drinking out of) or a Cameleon lizard. The goldfish always died after about 2 weeks of having to live in that little bitty space w/no circulation or aeration to let the little thing BREATHE! Oh & the Cameleons-once you got it home it was NEVER SEEN AGAIN! The HSUS should get a grip on these guys!! Where's all those PETA groups when there really is a need for something to be done. Anyway Nemrod is a lucky DUDE to have fallen into your heart!! Plus he is a handsome feller'.Have a Happy St. Patty's Day you 2!!

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    Congrats on being POTD...You deserve it
    Lacy(Australian Shepherd)Doc(Border Collie and Tessa (Border Collie[B]

    Rest Well My RB angels,Bandit,Anna and Maggy

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    Congratulations Nemrod!!

    I was so sorry to hear about your beginnings Nemrod but I'm SO happy your person found you, loves you and will care for you for the rest of your life! Congrats on being Pet of the Day. You're POTD to your lucky person every day!

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    Hey there handsome Nemrod! Well, if you aren't the perfect choice for our St. Paddy's day honors! They don't come any greener than you, sweet boy! I was so moved by your bio., Nemrod. Oh, what a rough start at life you had Creatures as unique and special as you need to be in caring homes with families knowledgeable in lizard care! And you certainly have the luck of the Irish Nemord becuase that's exactly where you landed! How very loved, cherished and well cared for you are; you look so healthy, happy and green! Your human is one very special, devoted guardian and kudos to her/him for going all out to provide you with such a wonderful life! Congratulations to you precious Nemrod, our extra special and most deserving St. Patrick's Day Pet of the Day!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day of celebration Nemrod, lots of extra yummy fruits and veggies, everything your heart desires! WE LOVE NEMROD!!!

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