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    We have a pomerianan dog who is three years old and we have a terrible problem with him. He pees on the furniture, in fact, everywhere. He jumped on the bed last night and tried to pee on my husband while he was asleep. He is taken for walks to pee outside and if I am busy doing something that is when he does his little number. He knows better because he runs and hides behind the sofa. It has reached the point that I am ready to get rid of him but my hubby dotes on him. He loves him like a child, but I simply don't know what else to do. Hopefully someone out there will have a solution besides getting rid of him as I think it would kill my hubby. So, please help!

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    Is he neutered? Also, has he been to the vet to make sure it isn't a medical proble, making him need to pee so much? Do you have a regular schedule where he goes out after meals, or knows for sure that at X o'clock he gets to go out? Sorry for so many questions!

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    I have the same problem with Zues my Rotty?Border Collie mix. he is getting nuetered next week. If you are not watching him he will pee on the furniture and on our beds. He is house broken. HE does have Seperation anxiaty(Sp?)but he does it even when I am home. I have have been sort of ignoring it. But hopfully it will stop when he gets nuetered

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