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Thread: tea tree oil paralysis

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    I'm glad to hear he's back to normal! HORAY!
    I don't blame you for not using it on him again.

    Thanks for the update!
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    There was a moment when I thought I might use a diluted solution on him, becuase it really did kill so many fleas! But after this scare, better to deal with the fleas in other ways than to put my Cocoa Bear in more danger.

    I still get sick to my stomach thinking about him all helpless and sad.

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    I'd use advantage or Frontline for fleas, they work awesome!
    Soar high & free my sweet fur angels. I love you Nanook & Raustyk... forever & ever.

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    I'm glad your baby is better and welcome to Pet Talk!

    I've used Tea Tree Oil for YEARS and have yet to have a problem. My suggestion is, if you ever want to use it again (It really does work well on repelling fleas.) is to put a tiny, tiny drop into the whole bottle of shampoo or conditioner. We put a tiny drop into their new shampoo bottle and shake it up. We rarely have fleas, knock on wood, while using the tea tree oil.

    It doesn't KILL fleas, it just repells them.

    Good luck if you plan to use it in the future.

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    tea tree oil poisoning

    Quote Originally Posted by chrissywolcott View Post
    i did the same thing and my dog can't walk do they always recover from this ?

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    You have revived a very old thread, from 2005. I understand, most likely you were searching for info and found this.

    I really have no idea or info for you, just wanted to help get this thread noticed, so you get some info.

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    I did use something similar last summer to repel fleas. They were coming up from under the house. I'm doing to need it soon. If I can find the recipe, I'll share it. BTW, I sprayed the carpet and furniture, not my pets, but I would not be afraid to do that.

    Note: Going off on a tangent so bear with me. I used to get bi-weekly massages. Therapists use essentials oils all the time. Any reputable therapist will tell their customers to NEVER use any essential oil straight from the bottle. Use oils in a much diluted form. Some mix theirs in Olive oil; some use other oils.

    So hopefully your fur child will recover soon, and if you choose to use essential oils again, make sure you find a recipe for a few drops per gallons and follow that recipe.

    Good luck and best wishes.

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    My solution

    I did this to a cat. My problem was..... I put the tea tree oil, way more than just drops. The cat became inebriated almost immediately. I freaked out!

    I began to panic thinking. ......omg I just poisoned this cat.

    I seriously thought I killed it. What I did was immediately wash the cat in a warm bath to get off most of the chemical. It wasn't enough. Then I thought what is the best and quickest neutralizer. It hit me. MILK.

    I DID NOT WANT TO CHANCE THE CAT POSSIBLY INGESTING THE TEA TREE OIL, so I tubed milk down the esophagus to drink, followed by a warm milk bath.

    See. .... because our skin is the biggest organ to our bodies, it is also the quickest to absorb. It didn't work in minutes, but the cat was back to normal the next day. No joke. Thankful I didn't kill it. .... I came across this website while freaking out. I registered to post to help those in need in the near future. Moral of the story ..... dilute the tea tree oil with ALOT OF WATER before use! !!!


    Quote Originally Posted by carolann View Post
    i did the same thing and my dog can't walk do they always recover from this ?

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