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Thread: Swiffer Kills Animals!

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    Swiffer Kills Animals!

    I was just informed today that my Sister's young cat has just passed away. Coincidentally, after using SWIFFER for the first time. Her death was described as "just keeled over and died." When my Mother told me this, she also said her friend's dog died from using SWIFFER. Outraged, I googled "SWIFFER KILLS ANIMALS", and produced some results with other allegations! Has anybody heard of this happening???? I was actually going to buy a SWIFFER in the near future. NOT ANYMORE! I have three furbabies! Thought I'd pass this info along.


    P.S. Our new edition SKIPPY is doing great. Healthy and Happy!

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    Gina, please see the replies to your thread in Cat General.

    BTW your Skippy is absolutely Adorable.

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    Swiffer does not kill animals. See here for details. The Your sister may want to get an autopsy/necropsy from her vet to find out why her kitten did die.

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    Due to the fact that I've been extremely busy and haven't been able to get on Pet Talk lately, I missed the thread about the SWIFFER rumor. Like I said before, I was just informed of this today. So, I guess I feel like Im a bit late on the whole thing. But, I still feel funny about it, and wont be using the product. Ill just stick to my usual, bleach.

    By the way, does anyone know if bleach is harmful to cats. Whenever I plan on cleaning with it, I put the cats in a separate room. I feel like the fumes are harmful. Anyone know?

    Thanks everyone for all your input. Appreciated.

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    They use bleach at the shelters to clean cages etc. I would rinse throughly because of the residue. The fumes evaporate in the air with good ventilation.

    I will also repeat, Swifter does not kill animals. See article written from/by American Society Protection Cruilty of Animals.
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    Sorry for the dramatism. I just got very scared and wanted to share with everyone the news I had just heard.

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    Craftlady is right. Swiffer Wet Jet does NOT kill animals. I read something posted on my shelter's bulletin board about it and the facts. I will make a copy of it when I return to Michigan and post it here. It should help dispell anyone's fears about the WJ.

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    See above reference from

    Here's the reference again it's worth repeating, so this RUMOR quits spreading the internet.

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    I use Swifter

    I use swifter and have 3 dogs and a cat. They have NEVER been affected by it. I do watch out what I put on the ground so they won't lick it off their paws. Swifter floor wipes work fast and dry extremely faster than mopping.
    One can only assume that maybe these cats are getting into other poisons placed on the ground. I know that I have put Ant traps down with boric acid in them. I do put them under cabinents or display shelves where my animals can't reach them. I also spray alot of other poisons as well but make sure it has dried before letting my animals in the area.
    As for bleach being dangerous, it maybe if they have access to drinking it such in toilet bowls or undried puddles of mop water. My cat had drink from the toilet bowl with bleach cleaner in it and she was okay. Scared me. I make sure my seats stay down. Just don't mix Bleach and amonia together! It will cause a hole in your lung! That is the only danger I know about bleach.

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    My general concern with the bleach, was, when I am cleaning with bleach, it leaves a very strong odor in my nose. I cant rid of the smell in my nasal passages. And, I think to myself, "If the smell bothers my nose this much, I can't imagine how it must bother their little noses". Does anyone know what I mean?

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