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Thread: Husky puppy being aggressive towards us. We really need help here..

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    Husky puppy being aggressive towards us. We really need help here..

    Ok, first thing first. We got a beautiful male husky we call Romeo. He's just about 4 months old at the moment. When he first came to our house he was like about 3 months old. At the beggining he used to chew on our shoes and stuff but we didn't have any problem with that thinking it was normal behaviour. After a while he started biting on us to which we tried to find a solution either by taking his attention with his favorite toys or anything that I found online. Thinking that it might be his teeth coming out we took it lightly and calmly but after a while we took him to a trainer who didn't actually do anything because she was focusing on training dogs for shows or something. Suddenly, yesterday as my father was holding in his arms an kissing him, waiting for him to lick him in return as he normally does, he bit down on his face aggresively leaving him bleeding. In the heat of the moment my father spanked him, not hard of course and took him to his bed. Today when I came home from university he was acting normal, no biting, no chewing. A couple of hours later he was barking, growling and biting us everywhere he could, arms, legs, anywhere and he is still growling every time we try to get close. What can we do? He has never been like that before, neither to us, nor to other dogs...

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    Thankfully, he is still a youngster, and you can get this sorted out. At four months old he is still very much a puppy, and learning the rules of life. It is unfortunate that the trainer didn't address this when first you met with them, but we can only work going forward.

    He is still teething, keep plenty of chew toys handy. If you feel teeth at ALL, yelp, pull away, and turn your for a moment. Breathe, then offer the pup a chew toy.

    Be consistent - no teeth contact is okay.

    And consider taking him to puppy kindergarten - all the training you can do now will be invaluable down the line. He's a husky. You need to be as stubborn and consistent as you possibly can, as they are great dogs, but notoriously stubborn themselves. Get everyone in the family on board with the training, and you can eliminate this behavior, okay?
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    I agree, group classes and puppy play are a must for this dog at this time. He needs to learn and other dogs can teach him bite inhibition.

    Be sure you use a place which teaches Positive Reinforcement. You can find a place using your zip code, here:


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