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Thread: David Bowie dead at 69 after battle with cancer

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    David Bowie dead at 69 after battle with cancer

    British musician David Bowie has died at the age of 69 after a private battle with cancer.
    A statement posted to his website and social media channels said the singer had died after an 18-month battle with cancer.

    Bowie had his first major hit with "Space Oddity" in 1969. The song was later rereleased as a single in 1973, reaching No. 15 on the billboard chart and No. 16 in Canada.
    Known as a pioneer of glam rock, and equally comfortable reinventing himself as an artist, Bowie would change musical styles throughout the years.

    His androgynous persona of Ziggy Stardust created in the early 1970s would give way to the Thin White Duke on the album "Station to Station."
    His 1983 album Let's Dance would incorporate more pop elements and result in hits such as "China Girl, "Modern Love" and the eponymous "Let's Dance."
    His career was also marked with high-profile and successful collaborations with other artists.
    He performed a duet with British stadium band Queen on "Under Pressure," wrote the song "Fame" with John Lennon and more recently collaborated with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame on "I'm Afraid of Americans."
    He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996, but didn't attend the ceremony.
    Aside from his music, Bowie also made forays into acting, starting as an extra in films before appearing as the main character in the cult movie "The Man Who Fell to Earth."
    He had a starring role in the 1983 horror film "The Hunger" alongside Susan Sarandon. Sarandon revealed in 2014 that she and Bowie had a brief love affair.
    He also appeared in "Labyrinth", the last feature film directed by legendary puppeteer Jim Henson.
    Bowie's latest album "Blackstar" was the singer's first studio album in three years.
    With files from the Associated Press
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    It's sad that he is gone... much too early. I used to listen to lots of his music back in the 70ties and 80ties. What comes to mind is Sufragette City, Heroes and Life on Mars.

    David Bowie was one of a kind, and he will be missed.

    Listen to this on a good sound system and loud!

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    Such sad news this morning. RIP.

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    See the cigarette in his hand in so many pictures, it is sad, but not surprising. I respected him, a good human being as well as an amazing musician. Rest in peace, sir, and soar amongst the stars.
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    Heartbroken over his passing. Saw him in concert many years ago after adoring him for years.
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    I got to see him about 9 times in concert - I saw him at the US Festival, he was one of the last acts of the day and it was a long day of sitting in the heat and dirt. That was the concert where I knew I'd never go to a festival styled concert again.

    I also saw him on his "Glass Spiders Tour" three times.

    He played a concert with Nine Inch Nails - on Halloween night - and his band came out in costumes to do the show.

    The most memorable was at the Forum in Inglewood, CA.

    It was the MOST money I ever paid to see a concert. My friend, the Bowie Fan, was a concert hound. He was my BF and we would always find shows and events to go to - he knew people that scalped tickets, so he had an inside line on good seats.

    We would joke about buying each other our tickets - to justify paying the extra money for the seats.

    When we got to the Forum, my third row seat ended up being a first row seat, due to the way the stage jutted out into the seats.

    When the concert started, he was so close, I could look up his nose! But the stage was so tall - I couldn't see the band.

    So, it was a night of David Bowie - all Bowie - no band.

    During the show, a young lady came up to where I was sitting and asked if she could share the seat. I let her stand next to me and after a few minutes
    she turned her back to the stage, bent over and pulled up her skirt.

    I thought "WTF is THAT about??" Security came by and took her away a few minutes after that.


    His concerts were always memorable and he was a true, polished performer. He always put on a show that left you in a great mood when it was over.

    I wasn't a hard core fan of his, but I can truly say that he was entertaining and you soon became a fan.

    He was always evolving and hand his hand on so many projects - music, acting, art and he was the father of All Things Glitter and Glam.

    Every one that has ever put on a costume and painted their face to do a show, owe it to Bowie for making it cool to do so.

    He was a great talent and entertainer, RIP.

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    Way before the interwebz, when an artist played a venue, you went there and camped out to get tickets. Two friends and I went to the Forum in Inglewood to get into line and because there was no 'camping' out on the site, we went to a Sears up the street and I ended up sleeping on the ground next to the car because my pals wanted to sleep laying down in the car.

    I was wrapped up in a blanket and almost asleep when I heard a car engine pull up next to the car and I was engulfed in a white light.

    A gruff voice called out, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE?"

    As I tried to clear the "fog" from my brain, I blurted out, "CAMPING OUT FOR BOWIE TICKETS!".

    I managed to see past the harsh glare to see that it was a Inglewood Police Dept cruiser that had pulled up!!

    I began to get up to get prepare to get rousted when I heard, "HOKAY! Just be CAREFUL....." and the car left....

    We all got up and spent the rest of the night inside the car trying to get comfortable and waiting for morning to come...

    Great times and great fun, RIP David Bowie - It was a pleasure.
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