I'm holding my stance on Facebook being a fabulous way for me to get the word out about my music. I now have a Facebook fansite with about 200 fans, about half of whom I don't even know personally. They were recommended by other friends and got people out to my site and listening to my music. A friend that I hadn't seen in about 8 years because he moved back up north came to my gig last weekend because he read about it on facebook and was in town visiting relatives. How else would that have happened!!! I'm not on it a lot, but it is fun to visit with my cyberfriends from the bird channel (the actual humans and not the birds) - they have become a tremendous support network for my musical endeavors as well as an emotional and bird information network. It has been a very postive experience for me, but I think it is because I use it with specific goals in mind and it has been a way for me to get my music out there to lots of people that I would not have touched otherwise. I've made some "friends" because of my music as well when people have contacted me after viewing my website and hearing what I do.