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Thread: Social Networking

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    Quote Originally Posted by AvaJoy View Post
    spend my precious time chatting with cyber friends, who of course aren't true friends,
    I would have said that I agree with you a few months ago. I use Facebook to keep in touch basically with family and a few close friends. My family is not very close (in miles) so when we are all on Facebook at the same time it is kind of like being in the same room! I love it! It is up to you to choose who you allow to "friend" you. You don't have to accept friend requests.

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    I disagree with the statement that "cyber friends aren't true friends", because for me, PT is the exception. I have become really close to a select few who I talk to on Facebook and such. They might have strayed from here but it doesn't mean I am not friends with them or they aren't my "real" friends.

    I have Facebook, which I use extensively. I had a myspace, but I hated it so I deleted it.
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    I love love facebook. Seriously I live on that site D:

    I've been on Bebo and Buzznet but got bored....Twitter and Myspace confuse me lol

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    I do not do the Facebook, but I do give it credit for breaking up my marriage.
    I saw a little message on my husband's account. It was a singer 'advertising' her gig that night. It read: Come see me at T******* tonight, I really need a hug. You know who you are.

    Well, my husband was her piano player that night, and she was 'signaling' to him. Something in my gut said: you're talking about MY husband, aren't you?!

    That was only six weeks ago. He has left me for her now.

    My opinion of Facebook is:
    too trivial
    too meddling and nosey
    and maybe we shouldn't be getting back 'in touch' with every single person we've ever known. Somethings are best just left where they are.

    Just my honest opinion.

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    CopyCat - I'm sorry that you have to go through that. Facebook may have given them the venue to communicate messages, but they are to blame for breaking up your marriage, not the networking tool. Anything used with sneaky or bad intentions becomes a bad thing. Hope you don't get mad at me, but maybe you are well-rid of him if he was sneaking around behind your back like that. You will do much better if you find someone who is devoted to you and who will treat you how you deserve to be treated. Again, I'm so very sorry that you are hurting.

    I have had fun reconnecting with some folks and also getting the chance to interact with other people that I know from other online sites by their pets only (Bird Channel for one). I also use it as a marketing and networking tool for my music. It is working very well for me that way.

    One "old friend" turned out to be a bit looney so I just quietly deleted his profile. I haven't heard anything from him since then. Any networking site can be used in a negative way - if I ever saw that was the case more often than not, I would "unplug" immediately!!

    When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain

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    I use FaceBook.

    I would rather not post a direct link or post my real name that I am listed on FB under here in the forums, but anyone who would like to "friend" me, you can leave me a message in my profile. I'm not sure if there is an e-mail me option in there or if I have it turned on, but I think you can leave me messages somehow...I'm new here and haven't found my way completely around everything yet.
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    I'd also have to disagree with the comments about internet friends not being real friends.

    Take for example the issue of pets. How many people in your real life do you love despite their short comings, and spend time with...but when it comes to you losing your pet they give you that awful and painful platitude that "it was just a dog/cat/other animal"....The on-line friends I have found who are fellow pet lovers UNDERSTAND all things to do with loving pets and having them as part of the family. Even my own MIL didn't understand the pain my husband and I went through in the decision to re-home Tiger Lily, and it hurt my husband to no end. He was more consoled by people on the 'net, whom he'd never met, from another cat forum I post, at than he was by his own mother!

    I have met in person a handful of people that I first met on-line. Two have become real-life friends, very good friends! In fact, one is coming over today for an outting with my husband and I!

    FaceBook has gotten me in touch with old classmates, cousins, etc. It's a great way to keep in touch with people. FaceBook is what you make it. You select your friends carefully, keep your profile as private as possible, post in a responsible way...You shouldn't have any trouble.
    ~~Pat: Mom to (L-R in siggy)Philly, Piper, Molly & Kit

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    Places like that are extreemly handy if there is a crisis... ONE update is all you need to get important information out to everyone. They are also handy if the family is scattered all over the place to reconnect with them. With my family, it has been like a family reunion to make contact again with everyone.

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    I hate Facebook but i like MySpace. but even with it i havent used the Networking thing. im not sure how to even if i wanted to.

    i prefer MSN Messenger over anything.

    Momto4FemaleFelines: i agree. ive been friends with people online for quite sometime. like you,, i have found them to be more understanding then some people in real life. also i feel more comfortable talking with some people online then i do friends in real life from time to time as well.

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    I don't twitter or myspace, but I do Facebook....I enjoy it....I've met up with many old friends....some I would like to see in person again, and some I just enjoy keeping up with via cyberspace. I keep my profile private and only friends can see most pictures. I'm probably on it too much!! I especially love looking at photos of friends, their vacations, their kids, and of course, their pets!!
    Shannon, Boomer, and Sooner

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosethecopycat View Post

    My opinion of Facebook is:
    too trivial
    too meddling and nosey
    and maybe we shouldn't be getting back 'in touch' with every single person we've ever known. Somethings are best just left where they are.

    Just my honest opinion.
    I'm glad someone agrees with me on this one. I'm on none of the social networks, and from what I've seen, Twitter is the absolute worst. I tried Facebook for a while at the urging of an old school friend, but dropped out after about 6 months.
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    I used to but deleted both my personal myspace and facebook accounts. Now only use them for my volunteer work with wildlife rescue (

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    Facebook was a bit of a puzzle for me at first - the new layout is one I like.

    With my aunt terminally ill in BC and the rest of the family scattered across Canada, FB has been a very important link to get messages speedily to someone.

    Also - I have been able to find a couple of people thinking they must be DEAD by now or something!

    I have found a couple of folks from the past - but don't bother them. The past is the past.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    as far as the past is the past and should be left alone thing.

    I agree and disagree at the same time. some people I definitely don't need to find again lol. But facebook got me back in touch with my best friend from grade school who I lost touch with after she moved a couple times and I moved a couple times and we never found each other again.

    I had ALWAYS wondered about her. Where was she, how was she doing, how can I find her? it was getting to the point where I was going to hire someone to find her lol or call Oprah or something

    I found her on facebook :O and all this time we had both been looking for each other and never managed to find the other and then something as simple as facebook comes along and there she is

    Twitter I only find useful for business purposes. it's VERY handy for that and a very effective tool. I post about a new item on there and within a minute I have 30 views on it and I've made many sales through the use of twitter as well

    R.I.P my dear Sweet Teddy. You will be missed forever. We love you.

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    I think the whole Facebook thing is a sham.

    Ok so people get like 50-100 "friends" ranging from family, to coworkers, to old school chums. They add each other as a "friend" and that's about where it ends.

    People get on there and play 50 different stupid games, send stupid quizzes back and forth, and dumb sparkly 'gifts' that litter up your home page, but do any of them actually take the time to TALK? NOPE! Do they take the time to comment on your posts even when you comment on theirs frequently? NOPE!

    Oh yeah, plenty of time to play mafia farm aquarium yoville games, but to actually 'talk' to their "friends", they ain't got the time. What's so "social" about a network of games?

    Not that I'm bitter or anything....

    RIP Dusty July 2007 RIP Sabrina June 2011 RIP Jack 2013

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