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Thread: Another health issue?

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    Another health issue?

    I've noticed (so have other people)in the last few days that both of my hands are shaking. Especially when I'm holding something. I see my doctor tomorrow morning and I'm going to tell her about it. I hope it isn't something else going wrong, just what I need!

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    Maybe just a reaction to some new medications? How much caffeine do you consume?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen View Post
    Maybe just a reaction to some new medications? How much caffeine do you consume?
    Unfortunately more than I should, Karen. I drink a lot of diet Pepsi and maybe that's it. I'll mention this to the doc, too.

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    Oh please stop drinking diet drinks, they are bad for you, drink water instead, i know it does not taste as good but better for you, i hope it is nothing to worry about my dear friend, it might well be a reaction to your medication, and ease as times goes on,thinking of you and hoping there is a good outcome, you don't need anymore health issues right now.

    David i had heard diet drinks make you hungry and some people drink them hoping it will help their weight loss, but in actual fact it adds to it, just something to think on.
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    David - I use 100% juice blend drinks (only juice in them) and do them 1/2 and 1/2 with low-sodium plain soda.

    I find them a lot more satisfying too.

    Ya gotta start taking care of yourself, young man!
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    Ya gotta start taking care of yourself, young man!
    Soda's are not good for you period! Diet soda's are the worst! GET OFF of them! (hint, ever see a skinny person drinking a diet soda?)

    Get all you medications and get on the computer and research them for side effects... Start here...

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