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Thread: The Prince!

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    The Prince!

    Hellow Prince. You sure are big and cute! I know the overly protective parents thing, mine are. Just dont let them get to you. I am glad that you have escaped cancer for seven years and i hope this streak continues. Congratulations on being Dog Of The Day, and have a fantastic day.
    Little Bit died the morning of May 14, 2008 of old age. Bye Little Bit, you will always be missed. Memorial thread
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    Prince....You are a very handsome big fellow. I love Rottweiler's.
    I have only had small dogs but if I were to get a big one I would want a
    Rottweiler. An animal is what you make of them. I believe you can make them mean or easy going. You are lucky Prince. You have a family that loves you very much. You are just a big baby lying there in your bad. Congratulations on DOTD.
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    Hi Prince!!!

    When we looked at your picture, all we could think was what a gentle giant you are. And a handsome gentle giant at that. We have little or no patience with ignorant people that stereotype large breeds. All they do is show their lack of knowledge and education. We're so happy to hear that you conquered cancer and you are a true survivor. Anyone can understand and see why you're such a special boy. Since we can't be there in person, please have Mom give you some kisses from us to celebrate your great honor of DOTD today. We hope you have a wonderful day, enjoying your life to the fullest. We wish you all happiness always!!

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    All hail Prince, Dog of the Day!!! We, your loyal subjects, are so pleased to honor you today, sweetheart! You are living, walking, woofing proof that it's not about the breed, but all about responsible guardianship! You're just a big ol' lover boy, friend to all; a gentle giant among canines! And ohhhhh, aren't you the handsomest guy, too! And Prince, I couldn't be happier for you and your family, that you were able to fight off that dreadful disease not once, but twice!!! You truly are a miracle dog, Prince! What a lucky family to have been blessed with a best furkid such as you, Prince! I hope by now you and your proud people are well into a full day of fun festivities, celebrating your much deserved "top dog" day! I hope your Mom will pass along some extra big-sized hugs and sloopy kisses to you, from me! Yay, Prince!
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    He is always there for us to hug, share our excitement with, or just to fuss over. -- Prince's Person
    Happy Dog of the Day, Prince! I hope you have many happy years of hugs and being fussed over. Keep being the gentle giant you are.
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    Hello Prince,

    Well, you are very handsome pup big boy. Welcome to POTD.
    Congratulations on chosen for special honors as our DOG OF THE DAY.
    It's pretty clear your family loves you very much & think you are super
    special every day of the year. Hugs & kisses sweetie.
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    Congratulations Prince!

    OMG...I can't believe I almost missed your big day I'm so glad I had time to check in to PT this evening and see your big beautiful face!

    It's wonderful to hear that you've escaped cancer twice! What a lucky guy you are

    I hope you had a fun day celebrating!

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