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  1. Today in my house (:

    Whenever my family members go on a trip or something like that my home is pretty much the go to place for caring for their cats or dogs. I love when they come over because I don't have a dog only cats ^.^ So it's a different veiw of the animal world when my aunt brings over her White West Highland Terrier. He is just the cutest little dog and so nice too! (: He is mostly calm and thank goodness he likes my cats because that would have been a problem U.U.
    Anyway today and this weekened I ...
  2. Sylvester and Charcoal ...Do you believe in life after love?

    December 1984 my friend, Sue, had called to tell me that her kittens were now 4 months old and driving her crazy. I would love a kitten for my daughter, who was 5 years old at the time. We picked out this beautiful, tiger, male kitten and named him Sylvester. He was so loved, especially by our daughter.

    A couple years later we adopted this beautiful black lab mix….the tricky word is “mix”. He was the cutest puppy you had ever seen, that grew into the ugliest dog you had ever seen.
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