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  1. Pidgeons

    I saw another peculiar pidgeon in me garden today again. First I thought it was the one with bright purple under its wings. This one had one bright blue wing and one purple one. So pretty, you cannot tell they are different until they fly but they are so colourful and eccentric to me. I love seeing them. Almost lured her over but my efforts were thwarted by a startled crow. Next time maybe!
  2. How do you know if your pet has diabetes?

    Diabetes is a rising health problem among pets and other animals. Dogs, cats, horses, pigs, and even apes can get diabetes. To help you keep your animal companion in great health, here’s your go-to guide for pet diabetes prevention.

    What is Diabetes?

    Just like humans, pet animals (dogs and cats mainly) are susceptible to Diabetes Type I and Type II. In this blog guide, we’ll focus on Type II Diabetes and how you can prevent it.

    Diabetes is a condition ...
  3. LOOK at ME! I Was Pet of the Day in March 2015

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    It's true! It's true! Just like my sista' Pumpkin, I was Pet of the Day! Wahoo! This made me feel so special!

    SEE Here! Cookie is Pet of the Day!

  4. LOOK at ME! I Was Pet of the Day August 2014

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Size:  90.5 KB It's true! I am one among all the very special oets here on Pet Talk! Like the others, I have a story and a reason why I am so special. So, don't forget me!

    SEE Here! Pumpkin Pie, Pet of the Day!


  5. Captivating Cookie!

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    You knew what you were doing that day, Cookie! You used your special goat intuition to realize your mom was the human for you! You knew she needed a lap goat, and up you hopped to seal the deal. We are just glad you are a dwarf goat, so still kind of fit on laps! How nice you and Pumpkpin are such good buddies that you even inspired a book! We are glad you help your mom with her MS, we know that is not an easy disease to deal with. We are sure a nice, sturdy goat to help her up, and a warm lapful

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