Like my Koji, the neighbors ignored and never really took care of Tab (see Koji's story). After years of their neglect, I finally decided he needed a home when I saw him limping, which he quickly got over in a few hours at the vet. I then gave him to friend of mine. Tab was a great cat: affectionate, laid back, considerate, attentive. My friend, Beth, said he was the best cat she ever had.

In Nov. 2012, Beth passed away.

This time, I learned that it really takes serious bites to pass along FIV, so I gave up trying to give Tab away again.

When I initially wrote this, it was the beginning of 2013 and he was at the vet healing from serious dental surgery, which went fine. I did whatever I could to get him healthy. He never stopped being sweet and affectionate. Despite how hard his life had been for many years before, Tab deserved love, food (he was a big fan of food), warmth and comfort. I'm sad that my sweet friend, Beth is gone and miss her terribly, but I was happy to have Tab as my own.

Tab got along okay with my 5 other cats except for a few very minor food disputes. He exhibited various health problems, but was usually treatable and showed definite improvement.

In the summer of 2013, Tab's condition took a turn for the worse, indicating his FIV had become Feline Aids. When he collapsed, it was evident that his illness reached a point of incapacitating him and sadly, I had to have him put to sleep.

I cried bitterly. I'll never forget Tab nor any of my others who have passed, but I'll always be glad for the time I had with them and all I'd learned from those experiences.
  1. Tab indoors - slightly clearer
  2. Tab is a handsome cat!
  3. Tab portrait
  4. Beth with Tab, laughing
  5. Beth, Tab's owner, happily holding him  Update:  When Beth passed away, I had to take Tab.  He lived for a few months after.  I miss them both!
  6. Tab in daylight, 2011
  7. Sept. 2011: Tab with his good friend, Sadie, the neighbor-dog.
  8. Tab is talking to me in 2006.
  9. Tab near front door, 2006
  10. Tab on my front porch, 2006.  Note his tongue sticking out.
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