Saga, my Teddybear...

Saga was the dog of a grand-mother, who was obliged to let her when she live her home because she was too old... Saga was into a cage in a shelter, and I found her... on october 28th 2006
She is a GSD, with long hair. She is 8 years old.

More images of Saga (and french talk... ;))
  1. What ?! A cat!!! But which cat ?...
  2. Je suis sage!
  3. Les yeux doux à Athos...
  4. Une Grande Ourse! ;)
  5. Elle est longue!
  6. Je t'aime beaucoup, ma balle jaune!
  7. Avec Athos
  8. Fatiguée...
  9. C'est quoi, ça ?
  10. Dans le jardin
  11. Je suis bien!
  12. J'aime les balles!!!
  13. Le lendemain de son adoption...
  14. 1ers jeux dans le jardin
  15. 1er portrait... Quel regard! 
Je t'aime ma grande ourse!
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