Sheryll & Critters

Me and My Critters!
  1. Me, cropped for profile photo.
  2. Sapphire, Beautiful Girl.
  3. Sapphire, little girl guard kitty.
  4. Sadie Lady aka The Baby Brat... single pawedly took down the Christmas Tree of 2008 in THREE days!  And she is PROUD of it too!
  5. Rufus Puppy, King of our critter castle!  My favorite photo of him..... could not be a more pefect picture of him.. he loves to 'People Watch' and we...
  6. Rufus Puppy telling me that he is ready to leave this so called SPA!!!!
  7. Me, thinking a critter will join me.... wrong.
  8. Sapphire, my jealous little beauty queen.  Sapphire is her mommy's girl.
  9. Sugar, he is second in command.... well except for his big brother Rufus Puppy.
  10. Rufus posing for his photo.
  11. Me and the Rufus Puppy.
  12. My Rufus, My Gift From God.
  13. Me!
  14. Rufus Puppy, The Love of My Life!
  15. Sugar, The Sweetest, Most Handsome Fella in the World.
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