Meet Misha

My lovely and funny cat
Misha came into our family in December of 2011. Her life before that was not nice, she lived in a house closed in the boiler room. We already had a male cat Astor at home, who needed company. My husband found out about her, and knowing that I love black cats, he went after her. I got her for a Christmas gift, it was the best Christmas gift for me.

This small scoop of cat was full of fleas and very sick, we immediately took her to the vet, and cared for her for a long time. She also had traumatic experiences, she showed a lot of aggression, and all of us were attacked at some point. After one month I was struggling with this, but bundled her in a towel so I was not scratched, and gave her a lot of love. Slowly she realized that not all people are bad, and opened her heart. Today Misha is the most loving cat in the world. I love her very much, and her days with her are beautiful now.
  1. I like to play with water
  2. I am little Miss...
  3. What is this, Did I drink all...
  4. I like to sleep in my parents bed.
  5. This is my youngest best friend Luna, she has 8 months and she thinks I'm her mother, I love it.
  6. We like to sleep together.
  7. Even Masha sometimes snores
  8. What a joke....hahaha
  9. This is my best friend Masha, now when she is a 1 year old, hmm I think that she is bigger then me.
  10. This is my best friend Masha when she was a little kitty
  11. Astor sometimes snores....
  12. When we moved into a new house, Astor and I were the most good helpers.
  13. When I was little I was very sick, Astor and the whole family helped me so that I heal faster. I'm happy that I came into this family and I did not...
  14. This is my best friend Astor, now he is 4 years old, and he is like my big brother.
  15. I told you, that she is my bodyguard.
  16. My good dog Tara, I love her so much.
  17. This is my best friend Tara, she always takes care on me.
  18. Is this all for me....
  19. I like to help with the cooking, but I do not know if I'm doing all right
  20. Finally, my Vida found that this is a perfect place for me and withdrew those horrible glasses, which I don't like a lot.
  21. I hope that I will not be a replacement for salad.
  22. I'm sleepy
  23. When I was a little kitty
  24. When I was a little kitty
  25. When I was a little kitty
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