Sharon's babies

These are pictures of most of my cats...I still have to get pictures of my semi feral. All are rescues except my Bengal cat.~Sharon
  1. This is our German Shepherd puppy..."Trinka"
  2. "Marissa"...I was decorating for Christmas...she was looking for Santa..haha
  3. "Kia"
  4. "Ocie"
  5. "Sox" and his big...getting bigger every day...sister  "Trinka"
  6. "Smiley"...her take on life...haha
  7. "Sox" in his Santa hat
  8. "Dora" little Chihuahua
  9. "Sox" very spoiled "Mommas boy"
  10. "Sox" and "Dora"
  11. "Meeko" in the front..."Marissa" in the back
  12. "Meeko" another box
  13. "Meeko"
  14. "Meeko"
  15. "Meeko" in a VERY small cat food box...she LOVES boxes!
  16. "Marissa"
  17. "Ocie"~my Bengal
  18. "Kia"
  19. This is "Buster" only male.
  20. "Maxine"~My Maine Coon
  21. "Sweet little "Smiley"
  22. "Marissa"
  23. This is "Kia"
  24. This is "Marissa"~~my Bengal mix
  25. "Ocie" my Bengal...and "Marissa" Bengal mix
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