A small collection of pictures of my adorable, bean dancing, butt wiggling, kangaroo bouncing, snores-and-grunts-way-too-loud, incredibly gassy Boxer girl, Franny.
  1. Lookin like a goof on the couch.
  2. Foggy Mountain Dog Coat Company ROCKS! Best dog coat on the market, IMO.
  3. Christmas jammies! She doesn't mind wearing them at all, surprisingly.
  4. MMMM tasty bone
  5. Franny and her buddy from her foster home.
  6. I never want to own a boxer with a nub tail ....
  7. One of her favorite toys
  8. Sitting on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan
  9. Franny and I
  10. One of her favorite spots to lay, to watch deer and squirrels in the field.
  11. Phone picture of Fran and I snuggling
  12. If only this picture had audio so I could have recorded how loud she was snoring when I took this picture!!
  13. Pretty girl soakin in the sun
  14. How can you not like this pouting face??
  15. GREMLIN DOG! This is what she looks like when she rolls over and all her floppy skin gets smooshed. HA!
  16. Best travel buddy, ever!
  17. Taking in the scenery by our house.
  18. Playin on a warm (50*) winter day.
  19. Sitting at the lake front watching the sun set
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