1. Lonny loves his faux fur blankie.
  2. Lonny just discovered his tent.  It's nice and warm.  AND he can hide and scare the dog.
  3. stretch
  4. tinycry
  5. happy
  6. lovey
  7. mushman
  8. closeuplonny
  9. cry
  10. ears
  11. I have my own dog too!
  12. I'm so happy my toes curl!!
  13. Hope Lonny's little sister got a good home too!
  14. This picture upsets me.  He looks so scared.  He is such a sensitive cat and his facial expressions are priceless.  I am so glad Lucille found him...
  15. This was Lonny's petfinder photo.  He is just the sweetest cat in the world.  He has never biten or scratched me or the dog.  He's the perfect cat! ...
  16. Is that a face or what?  I love him so.
  17. When he first came home in November 2010.  He couldn't believe how lucky he is!  All these cat toys and cat furniture!  And he has his own dog!  Life...
  18. Lonny's first Christmas with me and Princey.   2010
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