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Luigi is a year or two year old kitten. He was a stray cat that used to wander up to our house every so often, for about a year. Then one day he came up to us, looking like he had been in a fight. He was very dirty and disgruntled. We got him into a large dog cage and brought him to the vet, to find that he had Feline AIDs, or FIV. Luigi can still live a long, healthy life with FIV, but his immune system is not very strong. He must be kept in a seperate part of the house so that our other two cats do not get it, for he is very nippy and it is passed from cat to cat through blood or saliva.

He went from a foster to a permenant resident in our home. This photo captures his personality very well.

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07-24-2011, 11:56 AM
The Meow Mix
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  1. maid25cats
    I have a tuxedo too. shes very smart,and very bratty and she sits with the same pose LOL
    Luigi is beautiful baby. Glad you rescued him. I also have a former stray baby with FIV
  2. ToBeEvergreen
    Oh kitties know they rule the house . Thank you. It is unfortunate. So many strays out there, and then they're catching it, spreading it. Good thing is they sometimes wander up to good homes to settle down, where they can be taken care of .
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