The Meow Mix

Our cats
  1. Luigi
  2. Toby, our 15 year old, purebred ragamuffin :).
  3. Mario loves my computer
  4. Sly kitteh
  5. Crossed paws
  6. Mario belleh
  7. DSC01164
  8. Mario 2
  9. Toby. Who is not terribly photogenic, he was twitching as I tried to get a good shot.
  10. Meet Toby. Toby is a 15 year old purebred ragamuffin. For the first half of his life, he belonged to my grandmother. When her doctors suspected that...
  11. Mario on my desk.
  12. Mario is a ten year old maine coone mix. We adopted him when he was a few months old, very small and playful. He was found outside of a shelter with...
  13. Luigi is a year or two year old kitten. He was a stray cat that used to wander up to our house every so often, for about a year. Then one day he came...
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