The pups

My dogs, and some of the dogs I've owned.
  1. Taffy
  2. Exploring at our training field!
  3. Happy pup :).
  4. This got deleted from my camera, luckily it was still on my computer!!!
  5. "Hey what's that in your hand? Is that a camera? AGAIN? Come on!"
  6. in the yard
  7. Mirror images
  8. Taffy and Cassie cuddling
  9. She likes the car :D.
  10. Pooped.
  11. That tail is always waggin'.
  12. Sleepy after a long day
  13. Cassie in the car
  14. Frog legs :).
  15. best photo ever (smaller, to fit in sig)
  16. Cassie's first time in the water. Natural swimmer!
  17. Cassie's serious/begging face.
  18. Meet Cassie, a boxer mix. Goofiest dog ever, and very photogenic!
  19. This is Taffy, a two year old greyhound.
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